Friday, June 17, 2011

We Are Really Having a Baby!

Today was new baby's half way there ultrasound! While we got to "meet" baby at 8 weeks, it was so fantastic to be able to see him/her acting up and jumping around in my tummy.

As you have read, we are choosing to not find out the gender of our new baby.

21 Weeks
Top: J Crew (similar)
Scarf: Old Navy (similar, polyvore, ebay)
Shorts: Liz Lange Maternity (similar)

It is striking how similar the new baby looks to our 15 month old David's ultrasound pictures. They are definitely siblings! My husband and I had the nicest morning together at the doctor's office. Grandma stayed home with David and we got to go out to breakfast and then share new baby's picture at my Grandma's house with some family members.

Everything is looking good so far and I am feeling pretty great with new baby in my tummy. To top off this great day, Pete & I are heading to a wedding reception in St. Paul & Grandma gets David, again!

I am so excited to be a family of 4, but am also taking in every moment we get with just the three of us. I am so blessed to have a healthy son & new baby! & a happy marriage to boot!


  1. congrats mama:) nothing better than feeling amazing with a baby in the womb! looking great too might i add:)

  2. you are going to be one busy lady! you look lovely. this post made me smile


  3. Congrats! You look gorgeous! xxx

  4. Wow, congrats! I just had my 20 week ultrasound two weeks ago and I absoluetly loved it! So amazing to see the baby moving all around and see it's heart, hands, little tiny feet...oh my. It's incredible!Hope your pregnancy is going well. Just found your blog and I'm loving it!


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