Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thrift Win with RecycleBank Points $10 off $25

A big thrifting secret I can give away to my fellow MN Thrifters is the use of Recycle Bank to score a $10 off $25 purchase at Arc's Value Village Thrift Stores.

Today, I stalked each aisle to find my perfect $25 bundle. Funny thing is, I added up my cart total on my phone calculator multiple times (one of my favorite things to do! No joke!) to be sure I didn't go under the $25 or too much over. At checkout I watched the total climb and then it stopped...right on $25.00. It was too funny.

Anyhow, Recycle Bank asks you to complete very small tasks such as surveys that take 30 seconds to collect points. I think I acquired 150 points the first day I joined in about 15 minutes of perusing tasks. Then I printed my Arc coupon which was 100 points. Super easy. There are other coupons for stores and items as well that are very time worthy.

1. Boy's The Beatles Yellow Submarine Tee Size 3T
2. Vintage Scarf
3. Chinese Take-Out Style Dish Rags
4. Anchor Pin
5. 80's Pink Sunglasses
6. Teal Beaded Skinny Belt

Also, two maternity dresses for me.

And a Lady Carol dress for my shop. Tags still attached!

I also got two over sized books with the side panel of buttons to push that make all kinds of noises. He loves Thomas the Train right now & I found one book that is a sing-a-long! Too bad it needs watch batteries....

Pretty good score for $15! Anyone else thrift this weekend?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mighty Swell: Summer in the City Sale

Shop Top Drawer Vintage at the Mighty Swell Sale!

Mighty Swell: Summer in the City Sale
July 23-34
Minneapolis, MN

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vintage Toys

One of my favorite finds when I am out thrifting and scouring garage sales are: vintage toys. I think there is something incredibly nostaligic and sweet about a toy that was hand made & painted. As if it was just waiting for David to play with & learn from it...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Target Trip 7/11: Vacation Stockpile Starts

Summer vacation time soon! Time to start stock piling food for the week. We share a cabin with Pete's family and will have a chance to make some dinners & lunches for 8-10 people.

Gold n' Plump Drumsticks sale $2.49
PMFR here $1/1
TQ $2/2
= $.99/ea

Ziplock Sandwich Bags sale $2.50
PMFR $2/2
TQ $1/1
= $1/ea

Lunchables with Fruit $2.74
PMFR $1/1
TQ $1/2
= $1.74/ea

Kellogg's Pop Tarts sale $2.50
PMFR here $2/3
TQ $1/3
= $1.50/ea

Market Pantry Wheat Bread sale $1
Market Pantry Large Eggs $1.49
TQ Market Pantry Bread & Eggs $1/both
= $1.49/both

Other Goodies Using Target Coupons & Sales

Digiorno Pizza & Wings sale $6
PMFR $2/1
= $4
(yes, there is a pizza night in our future!)

Up & Up Nail Polish Remover $.97
TQ $.50/1
= $.47

RE Style Target Brand Pillowcase Pair sale $5.99
TQ Target Bedding Item $5/1
= $.99
(I have been watching the clearance end caps for weeks for something to use my $5 on. These weren't clearance just on sale. Maybe Target is done with the pattern? The solid pillowcase sets sold for $9.99.)

Sharpie Permanent Marker sale $1
TQ $1/1
= Free

Up & Up Pantyliner $.89
TQ Feminine Care $.75/1
= $.14

I am starting a stockpile list and I can load the dry good items as I go. I am sure I will hit up Sam's Club in the next day or two and get a sense if buying bulk will be cheaper than using my coupons. We'll see!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TDV Summer 2011: Behind the Scenes Photos

If you haven't seen the video watch it here.

Target Trip 7/6: 50% off $1 Misc.

Expect to see Target's front of store $1 section go 50% off after a holiday. I scored a few good deals, including super cute cards with anchors! And, at $.50 for 10 cards, it is a great price!

This week I will use the Common Sense with Money (CSM) Coupon Database to help you with print at home coupons, where I can:

Target coupons found here.

Market Pantry Pasta Sauce $1.09
TQ $1/2
= $.64

Market Pantry Dry Pasta $1.34
TQ $1/2
= $.79

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs sale $1.69
PMFR $1/2
TQ $.75/1
= $.82/ea

Benadryl Anti-Itch Stick $2.29
MFR $2/1
= $.29

Yoplait GoGurt sale $4.50/2
MFR $.75/2
TQ $.75/2
= $1.50/ea

1 lb Strawberries sale $1.79
PMFR $.50/1
= $1.29

Old Spice Deodorant $2.19
MFR $1/2
= $1.69

Scotch Tape $1.79
PMFR $1/1
TQ $.50/1
= $.29

Olay Face Wipes $5.99
MFR $3/1
TQ Mobile $2/1
= $.99

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear $2.49
PMF $1/1
TQ $1/1
= $.49

Wet Ones $.97
TQ $.50/1
= $.47

From the $1 section marked 50% off:
Gift Wrap
Water Balloons
Kids Water Bottle
(2) Flash Cards
(2) Note Cards

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Behind the Scenes: TDV Summer 2011 Collection Photo Shoot

This Saturday was the photo shoot for TDV's top summer looks! Check out the video to get a behind the scenes sneak preview...

I had such a blast coordinating and styling this shoot. I am blessed to have such a great network of talented ladies.

Sarah Meyer Photography
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