Monday, June 27, 2011

First Summer Dinner on the Deck

It has not been a very warm summer here in MN. No doubt, today got pretty hot but it was chilly was we dined on our deck tonight. We picked up a new patio table from Home Depot last night! Our last one shattered last summer.

We made a $6 dinner (I bought in my last post) of Stubb's marinaded grilled chicken breast (thank you, Pete!). We topped it with shredded cheese and French's Fried Onion Strings. On the side I made the Suddenly Pasta Salad in Chipotle Ranch.

David had dinner before us so we bundled him up and he had a Popsicle!


It was a really nice night and I am so looking forward to having more dinners outside.

Target Trip 6/27 & Blogging for the Fridley Patch

I am happy to say that I am now blogging for the city of Fridley Patch! I have started a section called the "Coupon Counsel" where I share tid bits about couponing, area sales & the like. While I love to blog about my shopping trips here on Top Drawer, it will be nice to get some additional feed back from folks in my area.

I wrote a blog post last night titled "Coupon Counsel: How to Stack Your Coupons". Well, this afternoon I went to Target and tried to stack some of the coupons I had mentioned. Here is what I came up with:

Coffeemate Chai Latte Creamer $1.79
PMFR $.55/1
= $ 1.24
(could have gotten a better deal on this but I am almost out!)

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad sale $1.33
MFR $.50/2
= $1.08/ea

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $1.92
TQ $1/2
= $1.42/ea

Revlon Nail Polish $3.74
MFR Revlon Cosmetic $1/1
TQ $1/1
= $1.74
(I love this color "minted". I think my cousin was wearing it the other week and I told myself I had to have it!)

Gerber Waterproof Pants 2 Pack $2.99
PMFR Gerber Clothing Item $1/1
= $1.99
(I went to my in-laws last week and forgot David's Little Swimmer diapers. Poor David was pulling at his soggy diaper! These will be perfect to pack in his bag for those impromptu hose playing moments!)

Liz Lange Maternity Tee $2.48
TQ Liz Lange Clothing Items $3/1
= free
(I thought the extra $.52 would go towards my cart but it only discounted the $2.48)

Circo NB Onesie clearance $1.12
(This was just too cute to pass up. If new baby is a boy he has plenty to wear but I am sucker for the little sayings that express a new addition to our growing family!)

Gold n' Plump Chicken Breasts sale $4.89
PMFR Golden Plump Chicken $1/1
TQ $1/1
= $2.89
(I knew I had a soon to expire Golden Plump coupon but I was surprised to go to my store and see them on sale and had a dollar off coupon on the outside of the packaging!)

Emerald Chocolate Covered Almonds sale $3
MFR Emeralds Nuts $1/1
= $2
(These can creep towards $5 so I thought it would be a fun snack to get!)

Stride Gum 3 Pack clearance $2.08
TQ $1/1
= $1.08
(I was excited to find these on the clearance end cap of my store.)

OFF! Table Top Candle $5.69
MFR OFF! Area Repellent $3/2
TQ $2/2
= $3.19/ea
(I could have waited for these to go on sale before I bought them but Pete and I bought a new patio table last night and I am looking forward to using them tonight!)

Suave Deodorant $.97
PMFR $.75/1
= $.22
(This Suave deodorant was in the trial size section of Target and the coupon did not exclude trial sizes!)

How do you think I did? I barely stacked any coupons but I made out with some pretty good deals. I went on a mission to use a coupon on every product (which I didn't use a coupon on 2 items: the onesie & pancake mix not listed) and pick up something for dinner to have on our patio tonight!

Dinner includes:
Gold n' Plum Chicken Breast $2.89
Marinated in the Stubb's Marinade I picked up last week $1.10
Suddenly Salad Chipotle Ranch pasta salad $1.08
Pringles Can (I got from Sam's Club this weekend for a steal!) $.53
= $5.60 for dinner
Quality outside summer time with Husband & the toddler??
= Priceless!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Target Trip 6/21: Shopping on Sale

Biggest things I learned today was 1) David is a much happier shopper in the morning. We had one big tear at checkout this evening and thankfully the nice checkout lady was waving to him and he got distracted enough to smile!

2) To really make my coupons count the item almost always has to be on sale. I passed up using so many coupons because I wasn't getting close to 50% off with them.

TQ= Target Coupon
PMFR= Manufacture Coupon I print from home via SmartSource or other.
MFR= Sunday Paper or equivalent cut Coupon

Kettle Brand Potato Chips sale $2.50
MFR Kettle Brand $1/1
= $1.50

Bagel Bites $2.69
TQ Bagel Bites 9ct+ $1/1
PMFR Bagel Bites 9ct+ $1/1
= $.69

Ritz Crackerfuls Multigrain sale $2.40
TQ Ritz Crackerfuls $1/1
= $1.40
(individually wrapped. Perfect for the diaper bag!)

Crystal Light Pure sale $1.97
MFR Crystal Light Product $1/1
= $.97

Market Pantry Thin Spaghetti $1.09
TQ Buy Market Pantry Pasta & Sauce $1/2
= $.64

Market Pantry Pasta Sauce $1.34
TQ Buy Market Pantry Pasta & Sauce $1/2
= $.79
(ground beef was on sale for $3.43 so, we had Spaghetti dinner tonight for $4.86. With leftovers for David tomorrow!)

Pantene ProV Curly Mouse sale $3.50 (orig. $4.84)
MFR Pantene Products $3/2
= $2

Pantene ProV Curly Spray Gel sale $3.50 (orig. $4.84)
MFR Pantene Products $3/2
= $2
(after chatting with my 'cousin' I realized I had a $1.50/1 Mobile TQ for Pantene I could have stacked with the MFR. Therefore, I will go to my store & have my receipt adjusted which would make the products $1.25/ea)

Stubb's Chicken Marinade sale $2.10
MFR Stubb's BBQ or Marinade $1/1
= $1.10

(2) Pop Chips $2.69/ea
MFR B1G1 Pop Chips
= $1.34/ea
(other coupon blogs found these advertised 2 for $4 but not at my store, but it was still a good deal)

(10) Weight Watcher's Smart Ones $1.99/ea
TQ Smart Ones Frozen Entree $5/10
PMFR Smart Ones Frozen Entree $4/10
= $1.09/ea
(some entree's were marked $2.34 so to keep it the cheapest I only bought the $1.99 variety)

Up & Up Diapers Size 4 sale $13.99
TQ Up & Up Product over $3 $1/1
= $12.99 or $.15/diaper
(these were advertised for $14.99 in the Sunday ad)

Inspiration: Jessi Arrington & the Late Night Walmart Run

"Fitting in is way overrated. I spent a whole lot of my life trying to be myself and at the same time fit in. Just be who you are. If you are surrounding yourself with the right people, they will not only get it, but they will appreciate it." - Jessie Arrington from Wearing Nothing New

I sat down in the 'Papa Chair' downstairs with our laptop to blog about the late night Walmart run I just had. Funny how my post is not at all what I thought it would be. A darling lady posted a link on my Facebook to a short video of Jessi Arrington talking about packing for 7 days away with only underwear. She was certain she could find everything she needed to not only clothe herself but also feel fabulous wearing it:

This is exactly what I needed tonight! Sometimes I just need a little reminder that I can put on whatever I want & as long as I am happy with myself on the inside, I can be amazing on the outside. No matter what, really.

Jessi's blog, Lucky So and So, is full of color, life & happiness and serves as a reminder to all of us how fabulous we can be without even trying (or spending money!). Also to mention, I love-love her style and am completely inspired to make some thrift runs before the week is over! Ha!

In other news, I was nearly horrified by the Walmart remodel near my house. I wasn't even thinking. It was such a zoo, such a mess, they closed early and I thought they would be open all night, aaannnd I got stuck with a chatty sales associate in the lotion aisle and I am too nice to tell her to shut-up (and she was talking about back rubs none-the-less, ugh! aaannnd she went on to recommend lotions she used after some mystery surgery that left her 'itchy', double ugh!) <----I never wheeled my cart away so fast.

I still scored a couple things. It was nice enough anyway. Just me, the mess & the people of Walmart. Ok, and I just won 9 Swag Bucks searching "people of walmart" which is freekin' hillarious. What a night...

Anyhoo, onto the goods:

2 Scotch Brite Basic Sponge $.84/ea or $1.68
MFR Any Scotch Brite Product $1/2
= $.68 or $.34/ea

2 Gerber Graduates Pasta Pick-Ups $1.28 or $2.56
MFR Gerber Graduate Snacks $1/2
=$1.56 or $.78/ea
The image on the coupon was for breakfast bars or cookies but they took the coupon on the meals. These are great for putting in my diaper bag when I am not sure where we will be for lunch!

Lever 2000 Bar Soap 8pk $3.97
MFR Lever Bar Soap 4pk+ $1/1
= $2.97 or $.37/ea
Walmart didn't carry a 4 pack so you might find it elsewhere for cheaper. I wanted to try the citrus smell but Pete and I use the same soap and I didn't think he would be down.

Curel Ultra Healing Lotion 2.5 oz $2.27
MFR Curel Lotion 2.5oz+ $1/1
= $1.27
This wasn't a crazy steal but it goes good on the go.

2 Earth's Best Organic Sesame Street Cracker $1.87/ea or $3.74
MFR Earth's Best Sesame Street Brand $1/2
= $2.74 or $1.37/ea

Tide to Go Stick $2.94
MFR Tide to Go $1/1
= $1.94
Both Target and Walgreens carry the Tide to Go for over $3. I have been working on a wedding shower basket for my sister-in-law to be and have kept my eye out for this at a reasonable price with the coupon.

Tic-Tac $1.04
MFR Tic-Tac $.75/1
= $.29
After doing the math if I bought the $2.88 4pk they would be $.25/ea after the coupon FYI. However, I got the new Fruit Adventure flavor! Wow.

Mentos UP2U Gum $1.28
MFR Mentos UP2U Gum $1/1
= $.28
Click the link to get directed to their Facebook page where they are giving away free packs of gum.

Friday, June 17, 2011

We Are Really Having a Baby!

Today was new baby's half way there ultrasound! While we got to "meet" baby at 8 weeks, it was so fantastic to be able to see him/her acting up and jumping around in my tummy.

As you have read, we are choosing to not find out the gender of our new baby.

21 Weeks
Top: J Crew (similar)
Scarf: Old Navy (similar, polyvore, ebay)
Shorts: Liz Lange Maternity (similar)

It is striking how similar the new baby looks to our 15 month old David's ultrasound pictures. They are definitely siblings! My husband and I had the nicest morning together at the doctor's office. Grandma stayed home with David and we got to go out to breakfast and then share new baby's picture at my Grandma's house with some family members.

Everything is looking good so far and I am feeling pretty great with new baby in my tummy. To top off this great day, Pete & I are heading to a wedding reception in St. Paul & Grandma gets David, again!

I am so excited to be a family of 4, but am also taking in every moment we get with just the three of us. I am so blessed to have a healthy son & new baby! & a happy marriage to boot!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ice Cream Inspiration: Mint-Chip

What's better than eating ice cream & fashion surfing?

1. Mint Ice Cream Cone (My Freezer, Free)
2. Faux-Gemstone Cocktail Ring (Old Navy $7.50)
3. Leather Color Block Satchel (ASOS $129.29)
4. Cuffed Short with Knot Belt (3.1 Phillip Lim $157.50)
5. Mint Pleat Neck Gypsy Top (Dorothy Perkins $40)
6. Yang Wedge (Delia's $31.50)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Walgreens Trip 6/13

8 items @ $13.85 + $3 Register Rewards

WQ= Walgreens Coupon from Ad
MFR= Manufacture Coupon

sale $2.99
WQ B1G1 or $1.49/ea
MFR $1/2
= $.99/ea

WQ $1.99/ea
MFR $.75/1
= $1.25

sale $2.99
MFR Dial Body Wash or Lotion 2/1
= $.99

WQ $1.99
MFR $.75/1
= $1.24

sale $2.39
MFR Herbal Essences or Aussie $1/1
= $1.39

sale $2.39
MFR Garnier Styling Product $1/1
= $1.39

sale $7.99
MFR $4/1
= $3.99
(Plus, I got $3 Register Rewards so it was really like getting it for $.99!)

I researched the Walgreens ad during David's nap and put little 'w' next to the items I wanted to consider buying with my coupons. I have a lot of cosmetic coupons but there weren't many sales on the items so a dollar off here and there didn't really make a big difference.

I definitely found some empty shelves! I missed out on some deals do to the shelves being cleaned out but I still had a lot of fun.

I also left a Cherry Frost Wet & Wild lipstick in the bottom of my cart and just thought of it now. Damn. Guess it wasn't meant to be...

I wouldn't consider this a trip to the Walgreens where I needed anything I bought. This is where couponing can actually make you spend money you wouldn't have otherwise. However, all of these products will get used eventually. Aannnddd, enjoyed of course.

Target Shopping Trip 6/13

14 items @ $5.85!

Sunday nights, the last few weeks, have been spent organizing my coupon stacks for the week. I think I finally have it down to a system.

I only have them separated between manufacture coupons & Target coupons. Then I can compare when I can stack the coupons to get an extra good deal! Target just put a load of new coupons on their site, too!

Todays trip:
MFR= Manufacture Coupon I either cut from Sunday Paper or printed.

Market Pantry Cereals sale $1.88/ea or $3.76
TQ Market Pantry Cereals $1/2
= $2.76 or $1.38/ea

TQ Up & Up Baby Item $.50/1
= $.87

MFR $1/1
TC $1/1

3 Renuzit Air Freshener at $.94/ea for $2.82
MFR B2G1 Free
= $1.88 or $.63/ea

TQ Up & Up Feminine Product $.75/1
= $.14

Up & Up Tin Foil $1.12
TQ Up & Up Tin Foil $.50/1
= $.62

MFR $.50/1
= $.49

2 V8 Splash $1.99/ea or $3.98
MFR V8 $2/2
= $1.98 or $.99/ea
(This coupon did not specify V8 Splash but a V8 product & Target accepted it)

Crystal Light clearance $1.47
MFR $1/1
= $.47
(There is also a TQ for $1/3 but they only had Peach Tea left and didn't want 3 of that flavor)

Tic Tac $1.04
MFR $.75/1
= $.29

Shopping Total
Items: $10.19
Tax: $.66
-$5 GC from Huggies deal last week
= $5.85

You might have read here on High Plains Thrifter about how I shop with David. It is definitely a handful keeping him happy & also trying to concentrate on couponing at the same time. There are a few more coupon deals ($3 off Liz Lange Maternity, there just wasn't anything I would spend my $$ on. $5 off 2 bikini pieces, I just couldn't coordinate the dressing room & David today!) I wanted to use but just didn't have the patience to do the math or David was "done" with whatever aisle we were on!

I really couldn't ask for a more pleasant shopping buddy. He really is an easy kid to take around anywhere. Annnndd I only had to pick up my coupon book about 107 times after David threw it so it was a pretty good morning!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Obsession: Dorothy Perkins

I thought I would do a blog post featuring my new favorite color for the

As I Googled (or try Etsying by Color) through the many layers of the web, encountering many sizes and shapes of my new found love for the not quite blue & not quite green hue, I stumbled across Dorothy Perkins and I am obsessed with the stuff they have on their site.

I mean wow.

Using the handy-dandy currency converter and with international shipping a reasonable $12, I might be finding myself stocking up. Anybody order from them before?

Multi Butterfly Piped Dress $32
Blue Ditsy Structured Dress $40

Sign up for the newsletter and get 10% off too.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ooops, I did it again (Shopped for Baby Girl Clothes)!

As you know we are expecting baby #2 in October. My husband and I decided with our first not to find out the gender and we are choosing to not find out with the new baby as well!

My 21 week ultrasound is next week and as I find myself urging to stock up on baby gear like when I was pregnant with #1, I find we already have all the things we would need for new baby (besides the crib). How do I solve this little "dilemma"?

I shop for GIRL things. Again, am I going to find out if I am having a girl? No.

I figure, if we do have a girl it is way more fun for me to get the good deals now instead of doing a full price Target run after the baby is born. Is it a money thing? Kind of. But is it really just a fun way for me to get the nesting urge satisfied? Oh, yes.

And if we don't have a girl this time around hopefully we will have a girl someday. And if we don't I am not going to cry over the $.10 pink receiving blankets I picked up today. I am going to cry over not ever getting a girl.

Click for the big picture:

SLP Community Garage Sale Event Part 1 (Why Part 1? Cuz' I'm not done!)

1. 3 Pink Baby Receiving Blankets $.30/3 (similar $9.99 Target, here)

2. Pink Baby Towels $1.75/2 (similar $11.99 Toys R' Us, here)

3. Pink & White Minky Dot/Satin Baby Blanket $1 (similar $24 Baby Bedding Town, here)

4. Baby Monitor (for trips this Summer & weekends in Rochester) $5 (exactly $16.09 Target, here)

5. Big Elmo Book $.50 (similar $4.99 Target, here)

6. Children's Place Plaid Shorts 24 Months $.50(similar $9.99 Children's Place, here)

7. Circo Boat Shoes Size 5 $1 (exactly $9.99 Target, here)

Estimated Online Cost: $87.04
Total Spent: $10.05

Plus, two stunning vintage necklaces! My gal pal & our sons went out garage saling for a few hours then out to lunch! I love walking, shopping & gossiping...and eating.

In other news, I wrote a little spot on High Plains Thrifter about thrifting with kids! Check it out!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My First Double Day at Rainbow!

See the Weekly Circular here:

Covergirl Mascara $4.75
On sale $3.32
Manufacture coupon $1/1 = $2 off
= $1.32

Bounty Paper Towel 8 pack $9.99
On sale with RF coupon: $5.00
Manufacture coupon $.25/1 = $.50 off
= $4.50 or $.56 ea.

Diet Coke 20oz. $1.59
Facebook coupon $1/1 = $2 off
= -$.41
(Money maker!)

V8 Hot & Spicy $2.99
Manufacture coupon $1/1 = $2 off
= $.99
(Great for Pete's Bloody Mary's!)

Spending the Old Navy Groupon & Free Father's Day Card

With my newly printed $20 (for $10) Groupon to Old Navy, David and I headed off to Riverdale (be sure to stop here and print coupons before your shopping trip!) to see if we could score some goods. My sister and I went there a few weeks ago during the extra 50% clearance and really made a haul.

However, that sale almost ruined my shopping as the clearance items were still the same and marked at the same price (without the extra 50% off). I had no intention on using the Groupon on myself and I really can't justify buying a $8.99 t-shirt for David!

In the end, I picked up 4 Everyday Steals items that David needed. 2 pairs of sweat shorts and 2 sleeveless tees.

My God Mother bought David this sleeveless tee from Gap and I seriously considered having him wear it 2 days in a row. Tuesday in Minnesota was a whopping 103 degrees! Way to hot for my little man!


Have you seen my beach ball?

The everyday steals were 2 for $10, which I would never spend that much on but with the Groupon all 4 items came to $10 (already paid for on Groupon) or $2.50 each. AND nothing shows for it on my check card. WIN.

Also, I just custom designed a Father's Day card at the Card Store and had it shipped to me for FREE with code FREECARD. You make your card, register and then apply the code at the bottom of the page before you put in any credit card information! NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!

I picked the Beer Bottle design! Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Target Shopping Trip 6/6

Using Target coupons here & manufacture coupons from the Sunday paper/Red Plum/Smartsource/

David sharing a fruit smoothie with Mom after our Target trip!

In store near zip 55432:

Nivea Body Wash: $3.04
Target coupon $1/1
Nivea coupon from Facebook $1/1
= $1.04

Coffee Mate Creamer: $1.94
Target Coupon $1/2
Manufacture coupon  $.75/1
= $2.88 or $1.44/ea
Yoplait GoGurt: 2 for $4.50
Target coupon $.75/2
Manufacture coupon $.75/2
= $3.00 or $1.50/ea. or $.19/tube

Huggies: $8.99 (34pk size 4)
Buy 3 get $5 Gift Card
Manufacture coupon $3/1 x 3 packs=$9
= $4.33/ea or $.13 a diaper
(The cheapest I have found were $.14 at Sam's Club but they recently raised their prices)

Other totals with coupons I used but couldn't stack with Target coupons:
Veggie Mac n' Cheese: $.99
Rhodes Buns: $2
Red Barron Cheese Bread: $1.50
Kraft Dressing: $2.38 for 2

I also got this boy's top 24 months for $2.48. I have been waiting weeks for it to go 75% off!

With the Gift Card I saved $28.82 on a $60 target shopping trip. It really was fun to watch the total go down as each coupon was swiped!

What coupons have you used lately?
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