Monday, June 27, 2011

Target Trip 6/27 & Blogging for the Fridley Patch

I am happy to say that I am now blogging for the city of Fridley Patch! I have started a section called the "Coupon Counsel" where I share tid bits about couponing, area sales & the like. While I love to blog about my shopping trips here on Top Drawer, it will be nice to get some additional feed back from folks in my area.

I wrote a blog post last night titled "Coupon Counsel: How to Stack Your Coupons". Well, this afternoon I went to Target and tried to stack some of the coupons I had mentioned. Here is what I came up with:

Coffeemate Chai Latte Creamer $1.79
PMFR $.55/1
= $ 1.24
(could have gotten a better deal on this but I am almost out!)

Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad sale $1.33
MFR $.50/2
= $1.08/ea

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars $1.92
TQ $1/2
= $1.42/ea

Revlon Nail Polish $3.74
MFR Revlon Cosmetic $1/1
TQ $1/1
= $1.74
(I love this color "minted". I think my cousin was wearing it the other week and I told myself I had to have it!)

Gerber Waterproof Pants 2 Pack $2.99
PMFR Gerber Clothing Item $1/1
= $1.99
(I went to my in-laws last week and forgot David's Little Swimmer diapers. Poor David was pulling at his soggy diaper! These will be perfect to pack in his bag for those impromptu hose playing moments!)

Liz Lange Maternity Tee $2.48
TQ Liz Lange Clothing Items $3/1
= free
(I thought the extra $.52 would go towards my cart but it only discounted the $2.48)

Circo NB Onesie clearance $1.12
(This was just too cute to pass up. If new baby is a boy he has plenty to wear but I am sucker for the little sayings that express a new addition to our growing family!)

Gold n' Plump Chicken Breasts sale $4.89
PMFR Golden Plump Chicken $1/1
TQ $1/1
= $2.89
(I knew I had a soon to expire Golden Plump coupon but I was surprised to go to my store and see them on sale and had a dollar off coupon on the outside of the packaging!)

Emerald Chocolate Covered Almonds sale $3
MFR Emeralds Nuts $1/1
= $2
(These can creep towards $5 so I thought it would be a fun snack to get!)

Stride Gum 3 Pack clearance $2.08
TQ $1/1
= $1.08
(I was excited to find these on the clearance end cap of my store.)

OFF! Table Top Candle $5.69
MFR OFF! Area Repellent $3/2
TQ $2/2
= $3.19/ea
(I could have waited for these to go on sale before I bought them but Pete and I bought a new patio table last night and I am looking forward to using them tonight!)

Suave Deodorant $.97
PMFR $.75/1
= $.22
(This Suave deodorant was in the trial size section of Target and the coupon did not exclude trial sizes!)

How do you think I did? I barely stacked any coupons but I made out with some pretty good deals. I went on a mission to use a coupon on every product (which I didn't use a coupon on 2 items: the onesie & pancake mix not listed) and pick up something for dinner to have on our patio tonight!

Dinner includes:
Gold n' Plum Chicken Breast $2.89
Marinated in the Stubb's Marinade I picked up last week $1.10
Suddenly Salad Chipotle Ranch pasta salad $1.08
Pringles Can (I got from Sam's Club this weekend for a steal!) $.53
= $5.60 for dinner
Quality outside summer time with Husband & the toddler??
= Priceless!

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  1. My dearest almost copycat,

    My nail polis is Jade Jump - Sally Hansen Instadri. If any of these go on sale you definitely need to get them because they honestly dry to a reasonable extent in a few minutes. Not fully, which was my mistake in scratching my head about 10 mn in, but I was able to salvage the job.



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