Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Few Target Coupon Deals 5/26

Using Target coupons here in store near zip 55432:

Up & Up Baby wash: $1.37
Target coupon $0.50/1
= $0.80
(I might go back and get more of these! They make great gifts.)

PediaSure 4 Pack: $5.89
On sale $4.99
Manufacture coupon at Target.Com $1.50/1
= $3.49 or $0.87 ea.
(I also got a register coupon for $2.50/2 that I can pair with another manufacture coupon!)

Caress Body Wash: $3.99
On sale $2.99
Target coupon $1/1
= $1.99
(I got the Daily Silk Scent.)

Quaker Chewy Bars: $2.09
On sale $1.92
Target coupon $1/2
= $1.42 ea.

Diet Pepsi 12 packs were $2.29 & I had a $0.75 off coupon in my coupon folder so I scored it for $1.54.

Plus the new Old Spice scents gift packs were 50% off in the clearance end cap in toiletries. I got a 2 pack body wash in Komodo & Fiji for $2 & a deodorant & body spray pack for $2. That's only a buck a piece (& my husband can deny me picking these out for him in which case I can return or gift them!)

I read today the Old Navy is doing 30%-50% EXTRA off their clearance right now! Any Minneapolis peeps score there yet?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Web Cam Woes & Heart Charm Necklace

I am home all day with a slightly under-the-weather baby. Thankfully we got through the morning with out any breakdowns (him or I).

I am in desperate need of a new webcam. I love to Skype with my in-laws & we have already burned through 2 webcams in 14 months. I am also so disgustigly cheap that I won't just fork out the cash to get something I really want. I mean, as much as we use the damn thing, I should just suck it up and get something nice!

This is camera #3 which I am also taking back to the store. I have NO problem returning. I actually like the excuse to go back to the store & I like getting cash back in my hand or seeing the dollar amount in bold (as in a deposit) on my online checking account.

The chain is gold colored & the heart is a pale pink. I picked it up at Forever 21 for a $1.50. Sweeeet.
A few other $1.50 styles I like?




Kokeshi Doll

Cute huh?

Monday, May 23, 2011

My (& D's) Favorite Bedtime Books

I love reading in the rocking chair in the nursery after a long day with my little guy. Some nights we read 10 books & some nights we read none. Either way, it is a bonding time that puts the cherry on the cupcake of our day! I feel like I did my job as a Mom when I can see my son tired at the end of a long day yet, still struggling to get a few more moments in with us.

David picking out books a few months ago.

I was a little nervous when I was done nursing (at 10 months) and done with the bottle (at 13 months) that I would lose the precious time David and I had together. However, we instilled good nap and bedtime routines that still allow us to have our 'quiet time' together.

Here are some of our favorite titles we enjoy together:

Any good recommendations?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cocktail Rings: Scored Some Vintage Loot

It has been rainy all weekend but I finally got to a big garage sale I have had my eye on since Wednesday. I scored some super cute cocktail rings! I don't think they are all vintage but they are very wearable. I am looking forward to cleaning them with my jewelry cleaner!

Anyone else love to clean jewelry?! I just love how it comes out looking like a whole new piece.

Similar styles to above via Etsy:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spread the 'Junk Love'!

Gal pal, Top Drawer Vintage model, & fellow lover of all things unique, antique & secondhand Malia Schroeder is up to some good with her new occasional shop Junk Love. Formerly known as Cheap Chotchke, she had her first sale earlier this month.

I thought of Malia this morning as I scored this cute antique towel & soap rack at a garage sale:

Malia on Junk Love's Facebook describes the shop as:
"Unique vintage occasional sale in St. Paul, MN. We scour far and wide to find the best pieces at the best prices and plop them into a really cool atmosphere for you to pick through ‘em! We LOVE hunting for the good "junk" and then finding it a new home!
The nity grity? Up-cycling sweet vintage finds to fit today's modern chic style. Think of something your grandpa has in the shed, then paint it pink. Like that.

Malia of Junk Love refurbishing some goods.

Malia is constantly updating her Facebook Page with all the neat things she finds. It is fun to see what she does with all her goods. Here are a few examples:

This last photo is a really good example of what I try to capture in my TDV Photo's. When getting shots done of my vintage looks, I want the the women viewing/shopping/getting inspired to want to BE the model wearing vintage. These shots of Junk Love's goods makes me want my entire house to be composed of these items. I want my house to look that damn good.

So, if you haven't stopped reading yet to hop over to Junk Love - then do so now!

Junk Love Website

Tell her MB says hi.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

J. Crew Factory (affordable & free shipping) Drools

Why do you do this to me??

Come on now. Not all of us can hash that $100 a cardigan price tag. If you are like me, you scour the J. Crew Sale & Factory section putting everything in price order 'low to high'. Then once you hit the $25 stuff, you stop searching. I have to have 30% off and/or free shipping to make it worth my while.

I like spend a good hour on a site, carefully putting items in my shopping cart, using the little calculator on my computer. Then right when I want to checkout the little box closed. Oh, yes. On purpose.

Why do I do this to myself??

Because (da-ta-da-da) it is truly fun for me to get things I want for insanely good prices. It doesn't bother me in the least that I have to wait 6 months to get it. But I do, sometimes. And it is a truly joyous feeling to really checkout at J. Crew and know that I did myself proud, my wallet proud, my fellow thrifter proud...and damnit...

my country proud.

Ok, enough dramatics. Let's get to the cheap goods.

1. blakely Bling Bracelet $9.99

2. stripe textured jersey scoopneck tee $14.99

3. cropped ruffle cardigan $14.99

4. studded bar-car belt $14.99

5. twisted chiffon cardigan $19.99

6. tissue tipped cardigan $22.50

7. 3" chino short $29.50

8. printed luca skirt $29.50

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thift Win: Garage Sale Season Begins

And so it begins. Garage sale season. Last summer David was still a bit tiny & I was still nursing enough where I didn't feel I had the freedom to garage sale as much as I would have liked. However, I think I will be making up for it this summer. Wednesday & Thursday were spent scouring for rummage sales & stopping in at a few garage sales between.

I stopped at a child & maternity consignment sale at Andover Community Center. It is going on all weekend. The prices were to be expected, a little on the high end. I know it is cheap of me but if I am going to spend $7 on children's clothing or $20 on maternity wear, I am going to buy it new & on sale. I did however find a few good things as well as a few things from 2 garage sales I stopped at on my way:

1. 3 piece suit, 24 mos. $3 (consignment sale, similar $35.99)
2. Lined pants, Old Navy, 18-24 mos. $1 (garage sale, similar $8.99)
3. Camo pants, Cherokee, 24 mos. $.50 (garage sale, similar $16.99)
4. Chimpanzee tee, Circo, 24 mos. $.05 (garage sale, similar $4.50)
5. Pooh Small Diaper Bag (totally needed this for shopping trips) $3 (consignment sale, exactly $10)
6. Car Bottle Warmer, Munchkin, $2 (church rummage sale, exactly $11.39)
7. Easter Egg Kit (for next year!), Paas, $.25 (garage sale, similar $6.99)
8. Baby Einstein Jungle Book, $1 (garage sale, similar $17.91)
9. First Words Book, $.75 (church rummage sale, similar $5)
10. Sesame Street Sound 'Book', $2 (consignment sale, exactly $10)
Estimated total buying online: $119.76
Grand Total for Baby Gear: $13.55

Andover Community Center
David & I had the best time! I might have to pick one day a week (Wednesday or Thursday) to dedicate to garage sale day. Otherwise, I could see this getting a little out of control!
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