Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Like You, Too (Junk Love)!

Usually, when I head to the mailbox I am bombarded with bills or junk flyers from Summer project companies and the like. However, not today! Today there was a little white package with my name on it. Completely out of the blue and unexpected.

Miss Malia from Junk Love sent a little goodie bag and note my way. Included was an assortment of cute crafts (from I Like You) and some finger puppets for me & "new baby". Even though David claimed the finger puppets right away by carrying them around saying "Quack, quack, quack!".

It is a nice reminder that it is always a feel good moment (for both parties, I think) to do something nice and unexpected for someone else!

Thank you, Malia! You really made our night!

Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY: Floral Circle Scarf with Vintage Fabric

Like a lot of us, I love (really love!) Pinterest. It is so inspiring and I have gotten so motivated to rearrange, organize, design and create!

Tonight's project was the Circle Scarf (or Eternity or Tube Scarf). I used a tutorial from the lovely C&C . I can't even imagine how many hits she must get to her blog from Pinterest. Her scarf is pinned and re-pinned all the time.

I got especially inspired to do this super, stupid easy sewing project when I found the vintage fabric at Savers tonight for $1.99. I got a ton of it and made 3 scarves with it in what felt like no time.

Check out cotton & curls' tutorial here!

There were many ways I could have cut the fabric for this scarf. I chose to cut it very long and a bit thinner. I could see using a thicker fabric and making it just one loop instead of two.

Feel like creating or shopping?





1. cotton & curls DIY tutorial
2. Nordstrom $18
3. Urban Outfitters $29
4. marimekko

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Target Trip 8/2: New Month & New Coupons

Yay! It is August! My golden Birthday month! Officially, I will be in the last year of my 20's. They started out a little rocky but I am in such an amazing place now that I know my 30's will be an amazing decade. I will hold on to and appreciate my upcoming year of being 29, having two children and a kick butt husband who helped give me such a great life (among a super supportive family and friend circle!).

Sap-fest over.

David and I shopped with our coupons this evening. I was secretly hoping to "miss" our NNO block party BUT I ended up going anyway AND so glad I did.

I find it easiest to hit up each aisle and watch for the orange clearance stickers. Then, judge whether using your coupons makes for a good deal. I really lucked out this shopping trip. I have 2 coupons to stack for $2 off a Cover Girl item at Target but there was no good clearance so I will hang on to those! Also, I have a lot of Febreeze and Glade coupons which are on clearance at my store but only 15% off. So, hopefully I can wait a week for the clearance to drop a bit more.

Tresseme Curling Mousse sale $2.99
MFR Styling Product $1/1
TQ Styling Product $1/1
= $.99

Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner clearance $2.11
MFR $.75/1
= $1.36
(I plan to use this in my Swiffer mop when I run out of solution!)

St. Ives Trial Body Wash $.99
MFR St. Ives Body Wash $.50/1
(There was no restriction on trial sizes!)

Loreal Lip Stick clearance $1.76
MFR Loreal Eye Cosmetic $1/1
TQ Loreal Cosmetic $1/1
= -$.24
(Even though it was a Loreal eye coupon, Target still took it. And I made the $.24 towards my purchase!)

Rimmel London Foundation clearance $2.98
MFR $1/1
= $1.98

Orbit Gum clearance $1.18
MFR Extra/Orbit/Winterfresh/Juicy Fruit 3pk $1/2
= $.68/ea.

Bic Soleil Razors sale $4.49
MFR Bic Razors $3/1
= $1.49

Pillsbury Cookie Mix clearance $.84
MFR Pillsbury Frosting or Brownie Mix $.40/1
= $.44

Goldfish Grahams sale $1.75
PMFR $.55/1
= $1.20
(I like to wait till these are closer to $1 or less but I just bought them anyway!)

Crest Toothpaste clearance $1.74
MFR $.75/1
= $.99

Total before coupons not including original price: $20.83
Total: $9.86 (52%)
Aaaand, I couldn't help but buy a first birthday onesie in pink. Just in case new baby is a girl! It was only $1.47!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fridley Patch Blog Post: ALDI

Check out my latest blog post at the Fridley Patch: ALDI - When You Don't Need a Coupon.
I list a few of my finds as well!

My cute shopping partner at ALDI!
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