Friday, August 19, 2011

DIY: Floral Circle Scarf with Vintage Fabric

Like a lot of us, I love (really love!) Pinterest. It is so inspiring and I have gotten so motivated to rearrange, organize, design and create!

Tonight's project was the Circle Scarf (or Eternity or Tube Scarf). I used a tutorial from the lovely C&C . I can't even imagine how many hits she must get to her blog from Pinterest. Her scarf is pinned and re-pinned all the time.

I got especially inspired to do this super, stupid easy sewing project when I found the vintage fabric at Savers tonight for $1.99. I got a ton of it and made 3 scarves with it in what felt like no time.

Check out cotton & curls' tutorial here!

There were many ways I could have cut the fabric for this scarf. I chose to cut it very long and a bit thinner. I could see using a thicker fabric and making it just one loop instead of two.

Feel like creating or shopping?





1. cotton & curls DIY tutorial
2. Nordstrom $18
3. Urban Outfitters $29
4. marimekko


  1. such a pretty scarf! oh, how i wish i could sew.

  2. I like scarfs :)
    the flower one is really pretty :)

    xo lala

  3. ooo i just made one of these in jersey! so great for fall :)


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