Saturday, January 29, 2011

Foodie File: Pheasant Tacos

So, my Dad and husband spent some time pheasant hunting this fall.

The score? Dad 1109 vs. Husband 1.5 (there was one mystery shot & he's not claiming it)!

Plus side, (besides having a happy husband and home) we get some pheasant to eat. Down side (if you call it a down side), there is a lot! Here is a quick and easy recipe for pheasant tacos!

5-6 Pheasant Breasts (thawed)
Lime Juice
1 Tbs. Butter

Pico de Gallo
4 Roma Tomatoes
1/2 Yellow Onion
1 Green Pepper

1 Cup White Rice
Sour Cream

 1. Remove breasts & cut into approx. 1 inch pieces while raw. Place in fry pan.

2. Add butter, salt, pepper and lime juice (I used about a 5 second squeeze over the pheasant). Simmer COVERED over Med/Low to Low for 40 minutes. Stir every 5 minutes.

 3. While pheasant is simmering, chop (or use food processor or blender) tomato, onion, green pepper & cilantro (to taste) separately.

4. Combine vegetables and add a 5 second squeeze of lime juice and set aside.

5. After 40 minutes, pull apart a piece of pheasant to test doneness. There should be no pink. Drain remaining juice & cut into smaller .5 inch pieces. Return to warm pan.

6. Boil 1 cup water and add white rice. Remove from heat, COVER and let sit for 10 minutes. Fluff with fork.

7. Warm 2 tortillas for 25 seconds in microwave. Add pheasant and top with 1 spoon full of white rice. Top with Pico de Gallo. Add sour cream and avocado if desired! I paired this meal with tortilla soup mix you can find in the soup isle of your grocery store!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Press: PinkPopMash

A special thanks to Marissa at Pink Pop Mash for featuring Top Drawer Vintage and writting a 'MashSpotlight' with an interview from myself.

Check out the article and find Marissa and Pink Pop Mash on her Blog and Twitter!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Obsession: The Nude Pump

For Christmas, my Mother-in-Law decided to hand out cold cash to my sister-in-laws and I, deciding an outlet adventure awaited us. A few weeks go by and she sets the date for last Sunday! A scored a few goodies and had a fabulous time getting spoiled and chit-chatting.

One of my favorite finds were my sweet pair of Nine West 'Bonfire' heels in nude. I have been aching for a pair of nude heels since a wedding in August. My 40's inspired wiggle dress needed a toned down shoe. I ended up finding a pink man-made shoe that hurt so bad I actually had blood pools in them.

I almost didn't allow myself to buy these heels for the following reasons:

a. I am a Mother toting around my 10 month old child.
b. It is Minnesota, there is not a square inch of pavement not covered in snow or ice.
c. Do I really need another pair of shoes (HA!)?
d. Are these THE perfect pair of nude platform heels?
e. Did I mention it was Minnesota?

I wasn't sure if they were the right color nude for me. Some are too pale, others too or tan. I also thought I might have wanted a patent nude heel so, I thought I would keep my eyes peeled and keep the Nine West heels in mind.

I ended up leaving Nine West Oulet without them. BUT when I found this sweet NY and Co Blazer in tan, I nearly ran back to Nine West to score my heels. I am so happy I did. They are so comfortable because they are leather and kind of move with your foot. Plus, they are a padded sole and heel. They fit perfect so there is no rubbing or digging.

And, I just love the look of them. They have a but more leather on the top of your foot than your typical peep toe. I really like the covered platform as well. I tromped around my house last night feeling like "Heidi Klum". They kind of remind me of the YSL heels she paraded around in on last season of Project Runway.

So, now I am dreaming of Spring time meet-ups with my girl friends and wearing my snazzy shoes & skinny jeans. How many days to go???

Friday, January 21, 2011

Classy Mom: Baby Proofing Solutions

Yeah, that's David's new favorite cupboard packaging taped shut. I can only say no and have him not listen so many times!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Impulse Buy: sadieDELUXE Red Blazer

I was checking out my blog roll and stumbled upon sadieDELUXE and her Etsy shop!

I could not resist this sweet "working girl" vintage red blazer with navy blue detail! I can already imagine all the places I am planning on wearing it! Even though I am a huge Etsy buff, I still try to resist the urge to impulse buy too much! However, in this case, I couldn't help myself!

She has a bunch of items in her SIX DOLLA BIN sale as well as these AMAZING handmade crystal bullet necklaces.

You can also find on twitter @sadieDELUXE.
Check her out as I am a big fan!

Final Sale: Two Maxi Dresses at $7 Each

Two sweet maxi dresses are due to expire tomorrow!
Therefore, I am offering them at $7 each. As always, I do not profit from your shipping costs and I will ship them both with free combined shipping!

Sleeveless Maxi Dress with Paisley Print
DESCRIPTION: 1970s maxi dress with sleeveless black top and coordinating paisley skirt. Zippered back. V neck. Great retro paisley print!

Accessories (belts, jewelry, bags, gloves, hats or shoes) not included in sale. Please see other listed items for sale of accessories.

DESIGNER: tag was cut.
LISTED SIZE: no size listed. suggested size S/M.
MATERIAL: polyester.

All measurements taken of garment while lying flat.
BUST: 16
WAIST: 14.5
HIP: 22
DAMAGE: none.

Mod Deco Print Purple Side Slit Dress
DESCRIPTION: 1970's mod deco print purple and white paisley side slit dress. Sleeveless. High collar. Black band at natural waist. Zippered back. Fully lined.

Accessories (belts, jewelry, bags, gloves, hats or shoes) not included in sale. Please see other listed items for sale of accessories.

DESIGNER: pepe jr. petites.
LISTED SIZE: 13. suggested size S/M.
MATERIAL: polyester.

All measurements taken of garment while lying flat.
BUST: 17
HIP: 20
DAMAGE: none.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Obsession: The Cropped Jacket & Bow Collar Blouse

It's no new thing I am obsessed with the cropped jacket and bow collar blouse. I think the pairing can be worn for nearly any type of function. Dress up with a pencil skirt & dress down with jeans.

In this "obsession" look:
1. Skinny Jean: I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks with the Target Skinny #3. Loved them so much I bought 2. I don't have a thin frame but I was happy with their ability to hold up my bum snugly but not make my legs look like sausages. I also bought them in a short & I am 5'4".

2. Ankle Bootie: Pictured are the Louboutin 'Lady Derby 120'. Having to cart around my 10 month old would never allow this heel during the day (nor the $995 price tag!), I can still dream about these.

3. Cocktail Ring: I think this look is entirely too busy for a necklace. I love the F21 over sized cocktail ring for just that right amount of bling, bling or bling and with a nice price tag.

4. Over sized or Cross body Satchel: I love this Michael Kors 'Hamilton Chain' leather satchel with this look. I admit it can be hard to accessorize a look with a white bag so it also comes quilted . I recently tweeted the Le Mode Traveling Bag in camel that is more my personal style and wallet friendly.

5. Cropped Jacket: Pictured here is the Juicy Embelished Wool-Blend Tweed Jacket. You don't stop hearing how a jacket can polish off any look you are going for! I also am a big fan of the Kate Spade 'Addie' & the Marc Jacobs Scalloped Tweed Jacket.

6. Bow Collar Blouse: This Chloe Ruffled Collar is silk-chiffon & to die for! I love pieces that are simple but have something special going for it. If you are a Chloe fan, Net-a-Porter also features the Silk-crepe Ruffled Blouse in Ivory & Pussybow Silk crepe de Chine Blouse. Net-a-Porter recommends pairing these tops with a high-waisted short and I completely agree.

The amazing thing about these pieces is that you can find vintage similar styles. See here how I styled the cropped jacket and bow collar for the Mighty Swell sneak peek photo shoot:

This Lanz Original Tweed and Wool Cropped Jacket  (& white bow collar blouse) has a fitted sleeve with a slight puff at the shoulder. I also did a little searching through some of the shops in the Vintage Etsy Twitter Team and found this 1960's Mod Military Cropped Jacket by VogueVintage.

*UPDATE: VogueVintage also just listed this ultra sweet Pussybow Polka-Dot Blouse! And she paired it with her orange military jacket! A match made in heaven.

The polka-dot blouse is soon to be listed and is similar to this TDV yellow and white polka-dot Secretary Bow Collar Blouse which sold. I also found this Black and White Stripe Ruffle Collar Blouse on Etsy by TinyGirl.

I also styled some of the the mannequins during the Mighty Swell Holiday Pop-Up Shop. Can you see the trend?

Thank you for reading about my obsession with the Cropped Jacket and Bow Collar Blouse! Share your own favorites!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Birds Says, "It's a date!"

I had the privilege to meet two birds boutique owners Megan and Nora last December at the Mighty Swell sale. Two super chic gals who make you want to be them when you meet them!

Megan and Nora of two birds (courtesy of their FB page)
Looks like they are stepping out and having their own Pop-Up shop, just in time for those Valentine's Day dress-up dates!


Salon Stella

654 19th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418


February 12: 10:00am – 6:00pm
February 13: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Good luck ladies & I know I am there!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sarah Meyer Photography & the Sneak Peek Photoshoot

Last December, I had the fabulous opportunity to work with the Queen-Bee thrifter herself Meghan McAndrews from High Plains Thrifter.

The Mighty Swell Pop-Up Holiday Shop last month was an amazing experience where I got to meet so many women with the same lust for vintage (and a strong work ethic for putting such a shop in motion).

Photo 1

For publicity, I needed to provide some Sneak Peek Photos of my pieces to entice the soon-to-be vintage shoppers. I took full advantage of this opportunity and contacted my good friend and photographer Sarah Meyer of Sarah Meyer Photography. Not only does she take fantastic photos, but she embodies the spirit of the Minneapolis hipster and has always seemed to have a way with making me feel at home around her.

We shot on November 2, 2010 & miraculously got a 50 degree day. Do not ask me how. We set up in the back parking lot of the 331 club where snickers were heard from the kitchen of the nearby deli. Pretty sure anyone peeking out were sure to get a little show (which they did but not the kind they were thinking).

My baby snug in my carrier, models Malia and Jenelle dressed, and Sarah ready to snap, we embarked on an afternoon of nearly 400 pictures.

6 outfits containing the following Top Drawer Vintage pieces:

Photo 1
1. Sequin cropped jacket (sold during MS).
2. Ruffle long sleeve top.
3. Brown western belt.
4. Fitted cropped tweed blazer.
5. Polka dot bow collar secretary shirt.
6. Pink gloves.
7. Grey crossbody bag.

Photo 2

Photo 2
2. Gold belt (sold during MS)

Photo 3

Photo 3
2. Red polka dot dress (sold during MS).
3. Blue braided belt.

 Photo 4
1. White three strand necklace (sold during MS).
2. Strapless ruffle skirted gown.
3. Green gloves.
It was a fantastic afternoon and I was really happy with how all the photos turned out! To see more photos visit the Mighty Swell Facebook Page.

Click the links to shop remaining items or visit my shop.

Photo 4
 Thank you to Sarah, Malia, & Jenelle. Also, to my opportunity with the Mighty Swell Sale and the 331 club for letting us use their grounds for our set.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pay it Forward: QueenBKaTi

Sometimes, the kindness of others really gets me in a good way.

Vintage Preppy School Girl Sweater

Today, QueenBKaTi, a shop owner on Etsy contacted me to let me know she had featured me in her Crimson Kiss Valentine Treasury. Not only had I been featured, but my item had sold!

QueenBKati, who, "pin up housewife style fashion meets rockabilly" joined Etsy in September of 2010. And, like Top Drawer Vintage, says she "find[s] great items that I can not keep for myself, and now with the help of Etsy I can share these wonderful finds with all of you".

This is someone who not only went out of her way to feature my item in her treasury, but also took the time to contact me. This is why Etsy is the supream being to Ebay.

So, thank you, to all those Etsians who take care of their fellow shop owners and add to the spirit of Etsy!

Visit QueenBKaTi's Vintage Shop.
Follow QueenBKaTi on her Twitter.
Read QueenBKaTi's Blog.

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