Monday, January 24, 2011

Obsession: The Nude Pump

For Christmas, my Mother-in-Law decided to hand out cold cash to my sister-in-laws and I, deciding an outlet adventure awaited us. A few weeks go by and she sets the date for last Sunday! A scored a few goodies and had a fabulous time getting spoiled and chit-chatting.

One of my favorite finds were my sweet pair of Nine West 'Bonfire' heels in nude. I have been aching for a pair of nude heels since a wedding in August. My 40's inspired wiggle dress needed a toned down shoe. I ended up finding a pink man-made shoe that hurt so bad I actually had blood pools in them.

I almost didn't allow myself to buy these heels for the following reasons:

a. I am a Mother toting around my 10 month old child.
b. It is Minnesota, there is not a square inch of pavement not covered in snow or ice.
c. Do I really need another pair of shoes (HA!)?
d. Are these THE perfect pair of nude platform heels?
e. Did I mention it was Minnesota?

I wasn't sure if they were the right color nude for me. Some are too pale, others too or tan. I also thought I might have wanted a patent nude heel so, I thought I would keep my eyes peeled and keep the Nine West heels in mind.

I ended up leaving Nine West Oulet without them. BUT when I found this sweet NY and Co Blazer in tan, I nearly ran back to Nine West to score my heels. I am so happy I did. They are so comfortable because they are leather and kind of move with your foot. Plus, they are a padded sole and heel. They fit perfect so there is no rubbing or digging.

And, I just love the look of them. They have a but more leather on the top of your foot than your typical peep toe. I really like the covered platform as well. I tromped around my house last night feeling like "Heidi Klum". They kind of remind me of the YSL heels she paraded around in on last season of Project Runway.

So, now I am dreaming of Spring time meet-ups with my girl friends and wearing my snazzy shoes & skinny jeans. How many days to go???


  1. No rubbing or pinching in heels?! Perhaps a trip to Nine West is in my future...

  2. Spring can't come quick enough! I'm loving all the nude pumps! You'll have to post when you first wear them :)

    <3 kris&kel

  3. i have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of nude've inspired me - i will buy some now! also, being a mom should never stop you from being sexy =)

  4. TwoBirds: I appreciate the reminder more than you know!!

    Kris&Kel: I just might have to!

    Anna: Well, you definately have a shopping partner!

  5. I agree - being a mom doesn't mean you can't wear heels!! You can be hot & sexy too!

    Enjoy your new finds :D I LOVE heels and would like a pair in every color. I really want yellow ones and black lace ones.

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  7. Before you know it, spring will be here and you can wear them AS MUCH as possible..they're versatile, very flattering and simply sublime!


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