Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Nursing Cover: Thanks Prudent Baby

Pinterest lead me to another tutorial for a DIY nursing cover!

With new baby days away, I dug out my two nursing covers I received from Udder Covers for nursing David.

Udder Cover in Jones.

Udder Cover in Porter.

One is very Spring season & one is very Winter. I decided I would pick out some Fall fabric celebrate the season and have something new for the new baby. Something I haven't used before!

Thanks to Prudent Baby for the awesome and easy to follow tutorial!

I went to the clearance section of Hancock Fabrics and found this cotton print on clearance for $2 a yard.

I also grabbed 1/2 a yard of belting to make the opening of the nursing wrap. The tutorial calls for a set of D rings to make the neck opening adjustable but I flopped around with those things on my other covers. I decided to just make the cover my own size since I am the only one using it!

It took me about an hour to complete the project and it only cost me $3.40 to make! I am pleased with how simple it was to construct. Again, the hardest part is keeping the little guy entertained while I sew!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY Wet Bag: Thanks Lemon Squeezy

It is no secret in my circle that I have become obsessed with cloth diapering. I haven't been able to USE my addiction quite yet as, I am still 10 days out from my due date with Baby #2.

I have spent the last few months researching the perfect approach to cloth diapering that will satisfy myself, new baby and (maybe most importantly) my skeptical husband.

While I could go on and on about my discoveries and new stashes, it seems a bit premature as I haven't gotten to cloth diaper my child, yet!

My husband called me this afternoon saying he would be especially late coming home from work so I thought I would use the opportunity to busy myself by making my own cloth diaper wet bag! As you know, I try to be as thrifty as I can be and I just haven't been able to find a bag that suits my economical needs.

My other current obsession, Pinterest (as well as some googling), lead me to A Lemon Squeezy Home's wet bag tutorial! I have to say, it is one of the easiest tutorials I have ever followed. So easy, in fact, I loaded it on my cell phone and followed the instructions there.

I will use this particular wet bag to hang in my bathroom. It is large enough to accommodate maybe 5-8 diapers. I plan on making a few smaller bags for my diaper bag!

My materials:
1/4 Yard Polyurethane laminate (PUL) $2.49
1/4 Yard cotton print $1
1 zipper (bought a bulk bag of zippers in the craft section of the thrift store that might have cost $.05 each!)

Completed hanging wet bag.

Coordinating zipper with PUL lining (to keep in the wet & stink!).

Size comparison with a Charlie Banana pocket diaper size S.

Where my wet bag will hang.

Robe hooks I bought new at the thrift store for $.99.

The whole project probably took me an hour to complete. However, because my son was running around all evening, the wet bag took up the entire night to actually finish. There were a few times when he was extra curious at me at my sewing machine and he would climb up on my lap. I allowed him to put his hands on my hands as I sewed but he was not allowed to touch any buttons (or the needle of course!!). It was a pretty cute sight if you were looking in on us.

I am extra proud that I didn't need to use my seam ripper at all. However, I had top stitched the fabric a bit too close to the zipper and it is very sticky. Ah, well. I know now that I can make these wet bags in no time! A great nap time project, I think. Especially, when I only need to cut 4 rectangles!
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