Monday, October 24, 2011

DIY Nursing Cover: Thanks Prudent Baby

Pinterest lead me to another tutorial for a DIY nursing cover!

With new baby days away, I dug out my two nursing covers I received from Udder Covers for nursing David.

Udder Cover in Jones.

Udder Cover in Porter.

One is very Spring season & one is very Winter. I decided I would pick out some Fall fabric celebrate the season and have something new for the new baby. Something I haven't used before!

Thanks to Prudent Baby for the awesome and easy to follow tutorial!

I went to the clearance section of Hancock Fabrics and found this cotton print on clearance for $2 a yard.

I also grabbed 1/2 a yard of belting to make the opening of the nursing wrap. The tutorial calls for a set of D rings to make the neck opening adjustable but I flopped around with those things on my other covers. I decided to just make the cover my own size since I am the only one using it!

It took me about an hour to complete the project and it only cost me $3.40 to make! I am pleased with how simple it was to construct. Again, the hardest part is keeping the little guy entertained while I sew!


  1. i wish these would have been more notable when i had my babies. unfortunately, i had to fumble around with a small blanket and half the world saw what they probably didn't want to see! great job! and congrats on soon to be baby!!! can't wait to see pics of your little nugget!

  2. Aw, it looks so pretty and nice for Fall! I'm glad new baby will have a new cover :)


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