Monday, December 28, 2009

Craigslist and Antique Furniture

I have been hearing about the wonders of Craigslist for quite some time now. I used to use it for theater and music listings. Looking for things to do and jobs and such. Since we are starting our baby room I have to get rid of some furniture. I tried to hand them down with not much luck. Plus, like a lot of things in my life, when I need something done or in this case, when I need to get rid of something, I need it done/gone now.

Well, 24 hours later and it is gone. Sold. Give me a week and it is out of my house. And I made a few bucks!

However, the downside to this amazing speed of goneness. I have been addicted to checking my e-mail every 5 minutes hoping for people to be interested in my furniture. It is all I thought about at work! Have to check my email....have to check my e-mail. As my Facebook status said this morning..."Craigslist is Crack." It truly is. No wonder it is banned in high schools.

Maybe I am in the wrong business of Vintage Clothing. Antique furniture anyone?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Celebrity Style and Vintage Comparables

Great points to make about Vintage Comparables:
1. Style
2. Affordability
3. Uniqueness

1. vintage royal blue all sequin dress with puff sleeves and peplum
Comparable to the $495 Alice & Olivia sequin mini-dress worn by Sarah Jessica Parker at a Unicef Ambassador N.Y.C. charity event.

Comparable to the $475 A.L.C. jersey chevron black and white stripe maxi dress worn by Rihanna.

Comparable to Christian Dior yellow pleated gown.

Comparable to the $2,830 Roland Mouret Fall 2009 Galerne silk dress worn by Amy Adams.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Some Vintage Christmas Inspiration

As the holidays are approaching, I spent some of the evening designing something more festive for my Etsy Shop. I did a Google search for "Vintage Christmas" which brought up a bunch of pictures of Santa's and little houses. I wanted something a little more enticing! So, I searched "Vintage Christmas Pin-Up" and found the cutest images!

There is something so tasteful and gorgeous about pin-up. It just makes me so proud to be a woman! Even if I feel not even one-onehundreth as stunning as a woman is in a pin-up portait, I feel like a total babe. Just because I am a woman!

I was having a similar conversation a few weeks ago at my friend Janel's performance in Minneapolis. She performed a few numbers in The Midnight Muse Review production at Ground Zero in NE. There is something so fantastic about burlesque! I had never seen anything like it "live".

The group has another show coming up as well!

It's one of those shows where your parents would tell you to look away. But you don't.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thrifting with a time limit is excruciating!

So, yesterday I had exactly 10 minutes to get in and out of one of my favorite thrift spots. I had an agenda (an impossible item for a play I am directing and went in hoping I could have some luck!). Sure enough, the one day I have exactly 10 minutes, I find a rediculous amount of beautiful things.

I think I usually I myself out of a lot of items. This day, I didn't have the time to! I only left the store with four garments. Could have walked with 20 I think. Ugh!! It tortured me to leave!

1. A sweet men's (could this be a new addiction??) gray and black tweed, fur collared coat. Yes, totally died and it wasn't even close to my size.

2. A cute bright yellow, puff sleeved button down secretary top with the bow at the collar (I have blue and white polka dot version I am obsessed with - however, I take the fabric from the bow at the top and use it as a belt around the natural waist).

3. A super cool black and white striped maxi dress with angel sleeves in.....gasp.....cotton?!?! No polyester??!? What?!?! Love it.

4. Lastly, a nice black puff sleeve dress with buttons on the tops of the shoulders and a coordinating fabric belt. Totally my style. Would keep it for myself but I am having a hard time coordinating around my bump these days. Too cute!

I have the afternoon off tomorrow before rehearsal and I hope to post pictures!
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