Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thrifting with a time limit is excruciating!

So, yesterday I had exactly 10 minutes to get in and out of one of my favorite thrift spots. I had an agenda (an impossible item for a play I am directing and went in hoping I could have some luck!). Sure enough, the one day I have exactly 10 minutes, I find a rediculous amount of beautiful things.

I think I usually I myself out of a lot of items. This day, I didn't have the time to! I only left the store with four garments. Could have walked with 20 I think. Ugh!! It tortured me to leave!

1. A sweet men's (could this be a new addiction??) gray and black tweed, fur collared coat. Yes, totally died and it wasn't even close to my size.

2. A cute bright yellow, puff sleeved button down secretary top with the bow at the collar (I have blue and white polka dot version I am obsessed with - however, I take the fabric from the bow at the top and use it as a belt around the natural waist).

3. A super cool black and white striped maxi dress with angel sleeves in.....gasp.....cotton?!?! No polyester??!? What?!?! Love it.

4. Lastly, a nice black puff sleeve dress with buttons on the tops of the shoulders and a coordinating fabric belt. Totally my style. Would keep it for myself but I am having a hard time coordinating around my bump these days. Too cute!

I have the afternoon off tomorrow before rehearsal and I hope to post pictures!

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  1. You're better than I am! If I only had 10 minutes, I wouldn't have even gone in!


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