Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some Sweet Vintage Finds!

I am super excited about the next few days of listings for TOP DRAWER VINTAGE. I found this super sweet teal maxi dress on Saturday on total accident. Sometimes, I find things I have been searching for forever. But mostly, I seem to stumble upon exciting finds that make me gasp. This was the case for the soft brown swing jacket. I found it and gasped... I sold a gorgeous green swing coat a few months back and I am hoping someone can love this coat as much as I do. I feel like feminine vintage coats in good condition are really hard to find. I have been keeping my eyes out for a plaid fur collar coat for years it seems. No luck yet.

The last few weeks I have been obsessed with anything sequin. However, it is hard to find 1970's sequin. I can't even tell you how many bright purple sequin 1980's sweaters I have found. Not a good look in my opinion. I like the sequin items to be a little more sheik and slim. Say, more disco.

I found the yellow veiled hat at a church garage sale this summer. I actually found for veils that day. Too cute. I highly underestimated that sale. I forgot how the church ladies clear out their basements with all kinds of goodies for us vintage lovers. I made out with a lot of vintage crafts that day too. I have probably five yards of red sequin trim about 2" thick. Still am playing around with it. I bought some gold belt clasps and am hoping to make some creative accents for my plain black shirts. Keep you updated on how it goes.

REMINDER: our BLACK FRIDAY Sale ends today. Tomorrow I will have the daunting task of re-pricing everything! Fun fun....

Click to learn more about these amazing pieces!

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