Monday, November 2, 2009


I am super excited to get underway with my TOP DRAWER VINTAGE blog!

I created TDV a few months ago. A working project I have been trying to finalize over the last few years it seems. With baby #1 on the way, I wanted to have something I am passionate about that I could focus on when I take the time off from my "normal" job.

You could call me a soon-to-be "stay at home Mom". I like to think of myself as a soon-to-be "work at home Mom".

I have never really had a "normal" job...not a 9-5er.

I am extremly passionate about vintage clothing. When people ask me, "Where do you get your vintage?"
I like to respond with, "It's my collection."  Over the past few years I have bought and aquired a large quanity of what I consider fabulous pieces.

But I can only look and love so much.

And my husband can only look and love so much...

It is time to let other lovelies enjoy the pieces I have collected. Plus, my racks of clothing that are in my "sewing room" are now racks of clothing in what will be "baby #1 room". This will not do...

So why blog?

I have seen some amazing and inspiring things in the last few months on websites and blogs pertaining to vintage and hand-made crafts. I appriciate the journey involved in being passionate about creative things. This blog will help share my journey. When I find that truly exciting piece. It can also help promote TDV and get exposure. People with an interest in vintage need to find me as well!

If you have gotten this far, I am all about hearing about your creative journey. Share your blogs with TDV!
Thank you for reading.

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