Friday, May 6, 2011

Thift Win: Garage Sale Season Begins

And so it begins. Garage sale season. Last summer David was still a bit tiny & I was still nursing enough where I didn't feel I had the freedom to garage sale as much as I would have liked. However, I think I will be making up for it this summer. Wednesday & Thursday were spent scouring for rummage sales & stopping in at a few garage sales between.

I stopped at a child & maternity consignment sale at Andover Community Center. It is going on all weekend. The prices were to be expected, a little on the high end. I know it is cheap of me but if I am going to spend $7 on children's clothing or $20 on maternity wear, I am going to buy it new & on sale. I did however find a few good things as well as a few things from 2 garage sales I stopped at on my way:

1. 3 piece suit, 24 mos. $3 (consignment sale, similar $35.99)
2. Lined pants, Old Navy, 18-24 mos. $1 (garage sale, similar $8.99)
3. Camo pants, Cherokee, 24 mos. $.50 (garage sale, similar $16.99)
4. Chimpanzee tee, Circo, 24 mos. $.05 (garage sale, similar $4.50)
5. Pooh Small Diaper Bag (totally needed this for shopping trips) $3 (consignment sale, exactly $10)
6. Car Bottle Warmer, Munchkin, $2 (church rummage sale, exactly $11.39)
7. Easter Egg Kit (for next year!), Paas, $.25 (garage sale, similar $6.99)
8. Baby Einstein Jungle Book, $1 (garage sale, similar $17.91)
9. First Words Book, $.75 (church rummage sale, similar $5)
10. Sesame Street Sound 'Book', $2 (consignment sale, exactly $10)
Estimated total buying online: $119.76
Grand Total for Baby Gear: $13.55

Andover Community Center
David & I had the best time! I might have to pick one day a week (Wednesday or Thursday) to dedicate to garage sale day. Otherwise, I could see this getting a little out of control!


  1. Your grandfathers trained you well!!!!!!!!

  2. I love yard sale season, it's the best!

  3. great deals! my kids used to love that sesame street sound book. i should have saved it to give to you!!

  4. LOVE this post. I am so excited for garage sales this summer!


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