Friday, April 29, 2011

Seven Days of Swell: Day Five

Is it really Day 5 already?
FYI, I will be at the sale Saturday 3-7 & Sunday 1:30-7! Please be sure to say hi if you stop by during this time!

I really have been looking forward today. My cousin took the day off from her incredibly busy work schedule and I got to see her after a month or two (and the last time didn't count because it was D's 1st birthday and I was running around like a lunatic).

I have a party tonight & I love parties. Could really go for a glass of wine or a margarita but I will sip my diet coke and enjoy drinking the caffeine past 5 pm. I am one of those caffeine sensitive types that if I don't have enough you don't want to talk to me & if I have to much I feel like I am going to barf.

So, I limit myself to 1 cup of coffee in the morning with my favorite Chai Latte creamer (while Googling Chai creamer I found this chai latte recipe for wedding favors! How cool is that?) & mayyybbeee one can of diet come when D gets up from his nap, especially if I didn't nap.

Today: The Polka Dot Day Dress

Ok, I have to sneak one in of myself stying. I just love doing these shoots! Not only the day of but the planning that goes into it, picking out the outfits ect.

This polka dot dress is so incredibly me. It is the perfect example of how I put so much heart into all my pieces. I truly feel they speak to me! I love how it is paired with nude heels & a cream quilted chain bag.

Have you visited the Mighty Swell website today?


  1. Such a cute dress!


  2. what a cool mama you are! it's been so fun checking out your blog, reading your amazing birth story, and admiring your great sense of style! i will be back often! (ps: i LOVE the polka dot dress. so chic!) Xx


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