Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Happiness of Being a Vintage Obsessed Super Mom

My son makes the best shopping partner. Everytime we go out I am amazed by what a good boy he is and how much fun we have together in the store. Granted getting around takes twice as long & I always before to pick up what I absolutly need first in case there is an unusual meltdown. Which is unusual but it can happen. Usually, we have about an hour and a half window before I start asking him "are you getting wiggly David?". Which means, is it time to go home? I am going to miss just the two of us towing around town. I can't even imagine shopping with two but I will learn!

I have been excitedly stocking up for this Spring's Mighty Swell Sale. I have aquired so many more amazing pieces and I can't wait to share them with all of you. Any leftover items will be listed in my Etsy Shop of course. I have really let that baby run dry over the last few months! Here are a few bags and belts I picked up this afternoon:

1. Cream Quilted Metal Chain Bag - Similar
2. Red Bow Clutch - Similar
3. Cream Pleated Clutch - Similar
4. Navy Quilted Clutch - Similar
5. Blue Belt - Similar
6. Grey Belt - Similar
7. Tan Stretch Belt - Similar
8. Metal Stretch Belt - Similar

Last night my photographer and good friend Sarah Meyer came by with a new model Audrey. I am so freeeekin' excited at how the pictures turned out. Seriously, best pieces, best model, best photographer. I have big dreams with these girls. I swear my mind goes about a mile a minute when I see the results of such hard work. Of course, I am a sucker for beautiful vintage. I just can't wait for you to see it. Here is a little peeky at the photoshoot yesterday:

Sarah Meyer shooting for Top Drawer Vintage.

As you can see my blog has taken several makeovers in the past few weeks. I find myself wanting to talk about more than vintage in my blog. As a super happy stay at home Mom, I feel like sharing my triumphs and dissapointments that come with raising my son and running the household. I am trying to incoorperate a lifestyle into my blog. Being that I can be good at working from home, doing what I love, raising my children & taking care of my husband. I am blessed it is a choice I have and being a homemaker is the right choice for me. It is what makes me happy. And, if on the side, I can be a vintage enthusiast and style amazing shoots and meet amazing MN fashionistas (here, here, and here). Then life is daaammmmnnnnn good.


  1. ahhh, we're pretty happy we met you, too! i can't wait to see your pictures...they look pretty amazing! and ps. you are a wonderful mom, wife, business woman, can do it all!

  2. seems like a pretty nice life to me :) and makes me look forward to being a mom. i need a shopping partner :)

  3. Running a vintage store while being a stay at home mom is pretty much my dream, I'm glad to see taking your child shopping can be done! Can't wait to see the photo shoot!



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