Friday, April 1, 2011

Obsession: Floral Print

1. Floral Maxi Dress $48.00
2. Floral Mini Dress  $17.80
3. Floral Short $14.80
4. Floral Sunglasses $10.50
5. Floral Oxford $22.80
6. Floral Satchel $66.00

Just like a little leopard, I love a little floral! This season really gives us some room to step out of the box and showcase floral in accessories as well as clothing.

I picked up a pair of floral drawstring shorts this evening from Marshall's! Hoping to pair them with some black tights and a soft tee.

How do you wear your floral?


  1. i wear my floral from head to toe. not really. but i probably would at least to bed. in fact, i'd love that! such a cute post :) alwaysalways inspired by floral. can't get enough; never will

  2. Oh how I love floral for spring! I almost always wear it in a top, but sometimes a dress and even heels!

    My lovely, I must say, I LOVE your blog! SOOO following right now! Follow me? :)

  3. ah i'm obsesssssed with floral right now.. i don't think i could possibly buy enough floral dresses. it's a weakness. i was just at lord and taylor to pay a bill and i had to make a beeline for the register to avoid looking at all the little floral sundresses. wanttttt.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'm loving all the floral! I love anything floral its simply my favorite!

  5. Floral is a really great spring trend and I have a lot of fun pieces to wear once the weather gets a little nicer.

    The printed floral oxfords are my favorite, and their a quite reasonable price. New obsession :)

    Courtney xoxo
    Sticky Lipgloss

  6. love that floral pieces!!
    and your blog=)

  7. i love it too! becoming so obsessed lately:)

  8. i love floral i have for years hehe! i love your blog i'm happy i stumbled upon it if you have a minute you should check out my blog and follow if you feel the same
    your newest follower

  9. I love floral! What's weird is I never wear it...

  10. I like the mini dress. I simply can't wear shorts. They look ridiculous on me.

  11. Usually I wear lots of skirts in the summer, but I think I'm going for dresses this year... can't wait for the weather to warm up a bit!



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