Thursday, April 28, 2011

Seven Days of Swell: Day Four

I got to see the Mighty Swell space yesterday in Minneapolis! It is going to be the cutest. Meghan & Rae are working hard to make it fantastic!

Getting excited??

Today: The Floral Day Dress

I am super obsessed with floral print this Spring.

In other fashion news, my 3.5 month pregnant belly is looking not preggo-chic quite yet but, like I have had 5 cheeseburgers (in a row). I can still button my jeans but I am left with an awkward muffin top that resembles my post-college beer belly instead of a cute baby bump.

Solution? Belted maternity tunics I can wear with my regular jeans (for now). No sucking in required. It is not perfect but at least I don't have to sigh at myself every time I look in the mirror. My 'cousin' Beth picked up this Old Navy tunic for me a few months ago when she heard I was expecting:

She is the most insane clearance shopper you will ever meet. Find similar styles at old navy here, here & here <---floral print! I think they are great even if you aren't expecting. Never, EVER shop online at Old Navy without at least having 20% off. I always check with Ebates too because they always give you cash back! I heart cash back!

I sent Beth this picture being a show off. Yes, it was in my bathroom. Yes, it was in the morning. I know, I know.

It works.


  1. Yay! Those window pics are great, and you look damn fine yourself :)

  2. I have you to thank for that awesome green bag?! I LOVE IT!!! Your taste rocks.


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