Monday, June 13, 2011

Target Shopping Trip 6/13

14 items @ $5.85!

Sunday nights, the last few weeks, have been spent organizing my coupon stacks for the week. I think I finally have it down to a system.

I only have them separated between manufacture coupons & Target coupons. Then I can compare when I can stack the coupons to get an extra good deal! Target just put a load of new coupons on their site, too!

Todays trip:
MFR= Manufacture Coupon I either cut from Sunday Paper or printed.

Market Pantry Cereals sale $1.88/ea or $3.76
TQ Market Pantry Cereals $1/2
= $2.76 or $1.38/ea

TQ Up & Up Baby Item $.50/1
= $.87

MFR $1/1
TC $1/1

3 Renuzit Air Freshener at $.94/ea for $2.82
MFR B2G1 Free
= $1.88 or $.63/ea

TQ Up & Up Feminine Product $.75/1
= $.14

Up & Up Tin Foil $1.12
TQ Up & Up Tin Foil $.50/1
= $.62

MFR $.50/1
= $.49

2 V8 Splash $1.99/ea or $3.98
MFR V8 $2/2
= $1.98 or $.99/ea
(This coupon did not specify V8 Splash but a V8 product & Target accepted it)

Crystal Light clearance $1.47
MFR $1/1
= $.47
(There is also a TQ for $1/3 but they only had Peach Tea left and didn't want 3 of that flavor)

Tic Tac $1.04
MFR $.75/1
= $.29

Shopping Total
Items: $10.19
Tax: $.66
-$5 GC from Huggies deal last week
= $5.85

You might have read here on High Plains Thrifter about how I shop with David. It is definitely a handful keeping him happy & also trying to concentrate on couponing at the same time. There are a few more coupon deals ($3 off Liz Lange Maternity, there just wasn't anything I would spend my $$ on. $5 off 2 bikini pieces, I just couldn't coordinate the dressing room & David today!) I wanted to use but just didn't have the patience to do the math or David was "done" with whatever aisle we were on!

I really couldn't ask for a more pleasant shopping buddy. He really is an easy kid to take around anywhere. Annnndd I only had to pick up my coupon book about 107 times after David threw it so it was a pretty good morning!

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  1. Ha! Love this post!!! Target is the bessssst!

    Hope you're well darling!

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza


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