Monday, June 27, 2011

First Summer Dinner on the Deck

It has not been a very warm summer here in MN. No doubt, today got pretty hot but it was chilly was we dined on our deck tonight. We picked up a new patio table from Home Depot last night! Our last one shattered last summer.

We made a $6 dinner (I bought in my last post) of Stubb's marinaded grilled chicken breast (thank you, Pete!). We topped it with shredded cheese and French's Fried Onion Strings. On the side I made the Suddenly Pasta Salad in Chipotle Ranch.

David had dinner before us so we bundled him up and he had a Popsicle!


It was a really nice night and I am so looking forward to having more dinners outside.


  1. oh. my. soul. TOO CUTE! What a darling post!!!! SOoo adorable!

    btw, I just launched my brand new blog, MOONSTRUCK EXPOSÉ!

    I was formerly blogging on, I Live For It, where we followed each other.

    Hope you'll come visit and follow along!

    I'm of course following you from moonstruck now. ;)

    Hope you've been well, babe!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

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