Monday, April 16, 2012

Target Trip 4/16: Easter 90% Off

I figured Easter is far enough behind us that the holiday clearance at Target is either taken down or 90% off and seriously picked over. Lucky for us it was 90% off and picked over!

It seemed to take extra long at the store today as I had James in the carrier crazily grabbing at my coupons when I tried to sift through them and trying to put them in his mouth! Plus, we get stopped 10x more by strangers who gawk at my insanely cute children when I have James in the carrier, bopping around, with his big round eyes.

I had a lot of hopeful coupon deals today but I am super cheap and usually I need items to be on sale to buy them. Even if I have a coupon...

TQ= Target Coupon
PMFR= Manufacture Coupon I print from home via, SmartSource or other.
MFR= Sunday Paper or equivalent cut Coupon

Jack's Pizza $3.04/ea.
Plus, buy 2 get Nestle Drumstick 4 pack free.
PMFR (Facebook offer, still good as of 4/16) $.50/1
= $2.54/ea. & free dessert
Note: This offer ran last week as well and they charged me for the drumsticks which I now have to return. So, be sure they don't miss the deal at checkout!

Diet Pepsi 12pk sale $3
MFR $.75/12 pk
= $2.25

Diet Pepsi 2L sale $1.25
MFR $.55/Diet 2L
= $.70

Kool-Aid sale $1.97
TQ $1/1

Secret Deodorant Sweet Pea & Violet $.97
TQ $1/2
MFR $.75/1
= $.09/ea
Note: I picked this up in the travel size section but it looked full sized so I tried the coupons and they worked fine.

Revlon Beauty Tool $2.98
TQ $2/1
MFR $1/1
= Free!

Revlon Eyeline clearance $3.48
TQ $2/1
Note: I swore I had a MFR coupon but couldn't find it in my stack. I bought it anyway :)

Merona Tank Top sale $6
TQ $3/Merona Women's Item
Note: Usually I wait to find something really cheap to use these $3 coupons on but I reealllyy need new white tank tops and I saw them on sale in their Sunday Ad insert!

Easter Egg Dye Cups Holiday Clearance $.24
Easter Egg Dye Bug Theme Holiday Clearance $.50
Plastic Easter Eggs Holiday Clearance $.09/pack
Starburst Sour Jelly Beans Holiday Clearance $.65/ea
Mini Frosted Sugar Cookies sale $.89

Total for pictured items: $17.42
Total saved this trip on my reciept: $41.32

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