Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Heart Pyrex (II) and Flirty Sanchez

My blog post title sounds kind of risque, wouldn't you say...

After posting about my love for Pyrex earlier today, Jenny, from Flirty Sanchez is offering my readers a whopping 15% off their purchase from her Etsy shop with the code:


In addition to this piece I featured earlier in my blog post:

1972 Vintage Pyrex Bowl or Casserole with Lid and Stand

Flirty Sanchez is Jenny's way to "sell a lifetime, or half a lifetime anyway, of collected artifacts, antiques, family heirlooms, vintage clothes and pop culture kitsch."

In addition to her sweet vintage goods, Jenny also offers sweet vegan treats which, she describes in her shop profile, "organic, natural, fair trade and vegan ingredients sourced from my local food co-op. I have also sourced eco-friendly packaging - from 100% biodegradable and compostable cello bags and cellophane, to natural fiber ribbons from the Distant Village Fair Trade Program to re-usable market baskets."

Jenny says, "I'm trying to save the world one order of vegan goodness at a time."


Here are some more peeks at some of the goods she carries in her shop:

1980s Vintage Jelly Shoes
Vintage Strawberries Enamel Sauce Pot
Vintage Egyptian Turquoise Scarab Pendant Charm
Flirty's Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Fudge
Flirty's Peanut Butter Swirl Fudge-tastic Vegan Fudge
Aaannd, maybe you know of some vegan and organic loving friends? Jenny offers Gift Certificates!

So, let your friends pick out what they want....

Thanks again, Jenny! And don't forget your 15% off code MNHOUSEWIFE, readers!


  1. I am an avid fan of Jenny/Flirty and her goodies!
    Anyone who hangs around her non-ending BNS knows that I talk up her Jezebel Sauce like I am getting a portion of the proceeds! ( I do not , by the way)

    She is a great shop owner, and generous in that she helps all of us everyday in keeping our shops "out there".
    Becky aka LOLLY from LOLLYSCUBBYHOLE on Etsy

  2. Jenny rocks! And these posts about her are very much deserved!
    I've sampled her Vegan Chewy Bars a few too many times ;)
    As soon as you get them in the mail, they are gone! Sooo good, you can't have just one and put them away.

    Always keep an eye on her shop - there's some seriously fun things + such a wide array of what is offered :)

    Wonderful articles!

  3. I recommend Flirty's "CHEWEY VEGAN BARS" They are so amazing! I can never get enough!
    Lisa from :

  4. You should all try Flirty's Jezebel sauce too! Fabulous! And of course, she stocks some of the most amazing and quirky vintage stuff around, along with some fantastic classics too! Flirty ROCKS you know!

  5. Jenny/Flirty practices what should be the standard for all business - honesty, ethics, reciprocation, conservation, responsibility, quality, creativity, and genuine caring. Sample her vintage or her vegan treats and you'll see exactly what I mean!

  6. i can't believe those jelly shoes! they are like the 1980's version of 18th century glass slippers, lol

    1. that is the best description, ever!!


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