Friday, April 20, 2012

Mommy Needs 15 Minutes?

Photo Credit // Becky Higgins

James had just settled into his morning nap and I felt a small guilt pang this morning when I told David at 10:15, "Mommy just needs 15 minutes."

I plopped in my "Mama chair" upstairs thinking to myself that it seemed a bit early in the day to be taking a 15 minute break. Well, until I decided to re-cap what the last 3 hours have entailed...

7:00 James wakes up & nurses
7:45 David wakes up
7:50 Both boys diapers are changed
7:55 Settle boys into the living room
8:00 Milk poured, breakfast made, coffee started
8:15 Clothes picked out
8:20 Both boys stripped down to diaper.
8:25 Remind David that at anytime he can go potty in the big boy potty.
8:26 Think to myself he will never go potty in the big potty.
8:30 Run downstairs to grab clean diaper laundry from laundry room. Which, David thinks it is the coolest thing to go downstairs. I think he gets his hopes up that Daddy is hiding down there or something.
8:31 James pees all over the living room while I left him exposed during his 2nd diaper change
8:33 Clean up pee
8:40 Check on coffee. Damn, still not done.
8:41 Decide to buy new coffee maker soon.
8:45-9:15 Play time. James on his tummy time quilt with toys and David is coloring in the kitchen. I decide to curl my hair today so I am in the bathroom.
9:20 David's clothes are changed.
9:25 Clean up breakfast dishes, run dishwasher.
9:30 Finally, pour coffee but James starts his morning wind down.
9:30-9:50 One-on-one time with James.
9:55 James goes down for his nap.
10:00 One-on-one David time by helping him with his garbage truck and chasing him around the kitchen yelling "boo!" and having him say, "you scarewed me, Mama!" in the cutest way.
10:15 Break.

Even writing all this, it doesn't even read that intense and it's not like I am suffering through it or anything. But after a few hours, I just feels good to plop in my chair, drink my coffee, check my e-mail, and let David watch Sprout for a few minutes.

Ok, it's 10:31. I told myself I would get up now...


  1. i remember those days. it gets easier. hang in there and buy a faster coffee maker!

    1. i would love a coffee maker with a programable <----(is that a word???) start!

  2. Oh... How old are your boys? I have a 13 mo old and i just cant imagine nother in diapers...

    1. 2 years & 6 months. we are slooowwllly working and PTing so that should be nice this summer...

  3. Lady, if your coffee takes an hour to finish, you DEFINITELY need a new coffee maker! Get on that!!


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