Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Raised Garden Bed Project

I am thinking of building a raised garden bed in the back right corner of my back yard. Not quite sure how we will plan it out so, I am moving all the ugly rock that lies there now.

Photo Credit // Scout Regalia

Home depot has an instructional class this Saturday morning and I am tempted to bop in a get some pointers(and supplies? eek!).

So far, I have moved about 10 minutes worth of rock. As a Mom, everything is calculated in mintues as, usually, I only have 10 minute alotted time incriments for projects not involving my children!

David was a "super big help" taking rocks and putting them in the bucket for Mom! You should have seen his little face light up everytime he heard the rock plunk in the bottom of the bucket. A few times, he wanted to grab the same rock and throw it back in but, I had to explain to him, the point of filling the bucket full of rocks was to not have rocks in the yard.

Good thing my husband explained that one to me or I might have been plunking the same rock in the bucket all week, too...

Corner before.

Hopefully, these "before" pictures will have a good "after"...

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