Thursday, April 26, 2012

I heart Vintage Pyrex

I was emptying my dishwasher this afternoon (while James was strategically placed under the kitchen ceiling fan to keep him occupied! Neat trick, huh?) and found I had used 5 pieces of vintage Corning Ware and Pyrex in the last two days. I think I failed to realize how much I actually use the stuff. The small Corning Ware is perfect for kid and adult food alike. From frozen peas to Spaghetti O's. Same goes for the Pyrex and the big bowl is my favorite for mixing and for salads!

Awesome things about Pyrex?
  • Useful
  • Come in a plethora of sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Pretty
  • Collectible
  • Often have lids
  • Often "nest" and/or stack neatly

I remember stumbling across a Pyrex dream cabinet on Pinterest a few months ago:

Photo Credit // Pyrex Pixie

Can you imagine? My mother collects Candlewick and my great-grandmother Red Wing pottery. Could I possibly live up to their collections by starting my own vintage Pyrex cabinet? Probably not.

Here are a few neat uses for vintage Pyrex (as well as some pretty gorgeous sets for sale) I have found on Etsy this afternoon:

Photo Credit // Old Vintage Goodies
Photo Credit // Sassbox Classic

Photo Credit // The Vagrant Duck

Photo Credit // Olive and Frances

Photo Credit // Flirty Sanchez
Photo Credit // Psych and Eros

I also stopped by the cutest shop, Erin Ink Design, that features some neat Pyrex inspired goodies:

Set of 6 Note Cards
Bridal Shower Stationary
5x7 Art
Glass Tile Magnet
Find out more about Erin on her Website and Facebook!

Ok, now I am really craving a thrift run for some more Pyrex...had enough yet? Any other Pyrex fans out there and or what other kind dishware stashes do you have?


  1. I really want to start collecting vintage Pyrex! I wish I had more kitchen space for it though too!

    1. I swear... there are not enough cabinets in the world that would qualify "enough kitchen space" don't you think??

  2. I've always taken these for granted because I still live at home, and we use the pyrex my mom and dad got for their wedding in the late 70s on a daily basis. It's fantastic stuff! Maybe that's why I haven't moved out yet...

    1. ha ha!! maybe now you need to move out so you can start hording it on your own!

  3. MaryBeth, thank you so much for featuring Erin Ink on your blog! I am honored! Love the idea for using the little Pyrex ramekin for organizing the soap and sponge at the kitchen sink. I have quite a collection but don't have it all in one has pretty much taken over my kitchen and living room! My favorite pattern is the Snowflake Blue. Pyrex has been hard to come by lately at the thrift stores...hoping some people spring clean soon! :) Happy Thrifting!

    --Erin {}

    1. The pleasure is all mine!! Your stationary has inspried me to maybe throw some kind of "pyrex party"... I am assuming you could whip up some kind of custom order for something like that?

  4. Oooh! I love the idea of a Pyrex Party and Yes, I could definitely design something custom for you! Thanks MaryBeth!


  5. I love your blog design! It is soo pretty!

    1. thank you, katie! i often like the desgn for a few weeks and then i get the itch to chnge it again...

  6. MaryBeth,

    Thank you so much for selecting our cool Pyrex loaf pan on your fun blog!!! Besides being a stay at home mom and running 2 Etsy shops, Psyche and Eros Vintage Home Decor and Psyches Closet,I personal collect Pyrex and vintage Corning-wear. I love the great colors and the durability. We recently ripped out off our cabinetry doors in the kitchen just so we could always see our killer collection! Seriously, this stuff is an easy and practical way to quickly decorate your kitchen.


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