Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Ideas for 2013

I have been trying to teach David about "I Love You Day" next Thursday. Even though he totally doesn't get it yet, I hope to do a few sweet things throughout the day to express my love for my kids and our time together.

My kids on Valentine's Day 2012.
It is always fun to do a new craft project. Not only does it promote learning and creativity, but it soaks up a good hour of our 10-12 hour days together. Don't get me wrong, I love being a stay-at-home-mom, but we can only color in the same coloring book or write our ABC's so many times in one day.

Also, James (15 months) is in super destructive little brother mode. It has been hard to remember that while I see him as the baby, he needs to learn he can't destroy what everyone else is doing. While I am constantly getting on David's back about sharing with his brother, I need to remember David is allowed to have his own things and his own time, where James isn't bothering him.

So, with Valentine's Day just a little over a week away, I am starting to get together some ideas to make the day extra special and extra crafty, as well. Plus, there are a few good during the week activities, too. Don't forget, we also need to do something special for the #1 as well: Daddy!

Send a Hug via Paging Supermom

Pink Pancakes via Lick that Spoon
Hand Print Hearts via The Shirleys

Heart Hot Dogs via Spoonful

Clay Heart Ornaments via The Imagination Tree

Potato Heart Stamp via Homemade Serenity
Valentine Word Search Printable via Parenting
Frozen Pink Milk (or Juice) Cubes via A Subtle Revelry
Printable Party Hats via Mr. Printables
Family Valentine Dinner via Jamie Cooks It Up!
Free Valentine's Day Fonts via A Typical English Home
Valentine Cookie via Bake at 350
Valentine Art Project via Hands On As We Grow
Printable Cupcake Topper and Banner via In Johanna's Kitchen
I hope these Valentine's Day ideas inspire you to do something fun with your little ones or loved ones! Do you celebrate V-day in your home?

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  1. Oh, this is so sweet! Love this post and the "I Love You Day" message!


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