Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Upstairs Bathroom Before and After

As you have read, last month I updated my upstairs bathroom cabinets, cleaned my grout, and had plans for updating the accessories in "my" bathroom. My husband primarily uses the downstairs bathroom.

Mission accomplished! I am really happy with the subtle modernization of our upstairs bathroom and I can now commit myself to the next project. Of course, if I had a limitless budget, I would keep going a little further with the bathroom. However, I am done for now and am happy with how things turned out.

Let's take a closer look at what I actually did. You will see I added some inexpensive accessories and completed easy DIY projects to update our bathroom. I hope you will find ideas for updating your own space!

Many of the items and techniques you will see in the post were originally pinned to my "Upstairs Bathroom" pin board on Pinterest.

I spray painted the picture frame and wicker basket with Rust-Oleum Paint Plus 2x Ultra Color in satin espresso from Home Depot. The pictures in the frame are vintage cards.

A closer look at the painted wicker basket:

I changed the switch plate from gold to stainless steel. I also updated the bathroom accessories with items from Ikea. I wanted a place to put my jewelry and charge my cell phone, so I got the NORRÖRA 2-piece bathroom dish set (on sale at my Ikea for $2.99). I also got a small clock and replanted my bamboo plant in a galvanized pot and added some decorative stones.
I had Pete replace my brass vanity light with an inexpensive brushed nickel vanity fixture from Home Depot.

I updated our sidewall vent from a bent up gold to a clean white. I tried to spray paint the old vent in brushed nickel but it didn't look quite right, I thought white looked a lot better.

I had a successful shopping trip at Marshalls, where I found my bathroom textiles. I bought a new white chenille bath rug, similar to this one. The old rug was cream and it looked dirty next to my new white vent! I also bought a new tiled hand towel and rag in white, similar to these. I updated my shower curtain hooks to chrome and glass, similar to these found on Amazon.
I might like the old shower curtain hooks better... I can't quite decide.

Lastly, there were a few things I updated that aren't pictured. I got a new white shower curtain rod, a brushed nickel towel hook for behind the door, and a new nickel door stop.

Someday, I might get a spankin' new faucet. Someday...

Well, what do you think of my new bathroom? It is crazy how clean my bathroom looks now and I didn't gut it or anything. Pretty easy, huh?


  1. It also looks like there is much less toilet paper after... Just sayin. :)

    1. I know, right? Pretty sure you used it all up last time you were over, Katie!

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