Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two to the Doctor

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I have been a little "off schedule" the last few weeks (ahem, months) with my boys. James is over 4 months old and I haven't gotten his three month pictures taken, for one. I am nearly dreading family functions, as, slowly people are starting to ask where his picture is. There is no lack of pictures of James, let me tell you. However, I haven't taken them to Target portrait studios and cranked out a couple of shots for the baby book and such. I do hate the idea that I haven't given James the same sort of picture taking attention I gave to David, but things are a lot more complicated with two! At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

In addition to pictures, both were over due for visits to the doctor. I thought I might as well save myself a trip and take both boys, each with their own appointment, at the same time. Well, that sounds good but it was a real task managing both boys (and their tears) at the doctor's office by myself.

Thankfully, there were only tears and no fits. David started crying as soon as I started to take his t-shirt off! One by one they got their height and weight and each had their own check-up. Right now I am carting around a 29 pound 2 year old (I have to mention David is in the 98% for height. Tall, tall, tall.) and a 17.5 pound 4 months old! Not to mention a car seat, diaper bag and...

my go-go-gadget third arm appears to hold my diet coke...

I am sure soon enough Pete will ask me when my go-go-gadget fourth arm will appear to hold our third child?

Too soon. Too soon.


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