Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Giveaway: Vintage Black and Pink Color Block Aviators


As you know, I have been selling vintage online and through some of the occasional sales (which have been happening almost every weekend!) of the ladies of Mighty Swell. It seems like the birth of my children always put my shop into a bit of a hiatus. Maybe featuring a little gem in a giveaway will light a little fire under my vintage-loving arse... and a clean vintage closet = an extra happy husband!

Today's giveaway is a pair of 1980's aviator style sunglasses from my collection. They feature a pink accent in the center of the brow. Perfect for this Spring's color blocking trend!

Besides being awesome in general, people will ask you where you got them and you can reply, "They are vintage!"

Please remember, if I ask you to specify in an entry, please do so or your entry will be forfeited. If I cannot verify you completed my giveaway tasks (i.e. commented in a post, subscribed with a real e-mail, 'like' a page ect) you are not eligible to win the prize if your name is chosen to win.

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  1. These sunglasses are amazing! I am totally obsessed with sunglasses and probably don't need another pair, but these are too cool to pass up!

  2. Super sexy sunglasses! Love them!!


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