Thursday, March 8, 2012

Party Flop?

I stayed up late last night putting together some of the little touches for David's 2nd Birthday dinner tonight.

I made and hung the poms, blew up balloons, covered the tables. I also put up bunting, set up the cake table and arranged flowers.

Last night, our little family went out to dinner and then went to the pet store to pick up David's present from Mom and Dad...

2 fish.

He was so cute carrying his little bag of goldfish through the mall as we left.

We set up his tank last night and we were so excited to have David see his fish in his lit up tank with bubbles in morning.

However, this morning when I whisked David into the kitchen to show him his "party", the bunting fell down, the flowers had wilted, the balloons had leaked helium all night and were droopy and sad...

and the fish were dead.


  1. oh no! i'm sorry! my sister bought my kids a fish once (without my permission) and even though i did everything right with the water, he dies within about 20 minutes of putting him in the tank. i'm sure david was still a happy camper!

  2. omg! the 2 fish died the next day! :( thats so sad! im sure he had a great birthday though! loved the hanging pom poms


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