Monday, March 26, 2012

Khaki & White

I may or may not be slightly freaking out about the upcoming family picture next month. My Mother has been quasi-harassing my siblings and I over e-mail, stressing the importance of this all-family-included portrait.

A professional photographer has been hired, we have the date (don't screw it up), the time (don't be late) and we have all been clearly instructed (several times) to wear khaki pants and a white shirt.


Wait. What did you say?

What do you mean "khaki and white"? Khaki pants? Khaki skirt? Light khaki, dark khaki, brown khaki, tan khaki, long khaki, dark khaki?

Khaki, khaki, khaki???

I seriously dare you to type khaki that many times in a row and think you have spelled it right...

That was me freaking. Can you tell? About a month ago I picked up a pair of khaki pants from Target. These are the pants I will wear but I am hoping to bump into the "unless I find something better" pants. Plus, the khaki pants I picked up are a light khaki pant. Almost, flesh colored. Almost, I can see every imperfections in your legs (and dear God let the sun not cast down shadows and reaaallllly show every imperfection) pants.

That was me really freaking out.

So, today I decided to un-freak myself out and do some Googling/Pinteresting for classy khaki pant and white shirt combos that might inspire my outfit for our photo.

Nope. Still freaking. But I did find a few cute summery combos via Polyvore that are cute anyway.

Wearing 05/07/2010


shorts and cardigan

Wish me luck?


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