Sunday, February 5, 2012

Target Bridesmaid Dresses

Since getting married in 2008, I still find myself getting mildly obsessed over wedding stuff. I am no expert but I had so much fun and poured so much energy over my own wedding, I get curious about what is going on in the wedding biz.

I got an e-mail from Target introducing their new (I think?) line of bridesmaid dresses. All for $69.99 and available (for now) in sizes 2-28W, they seem to satisfy that classic bridesmaid look for a great price.

Maybe a teensie-weensie homecoming-ish,  My worry? They seem awfully short. This is usually what keeps me out of the junior dress section past 22 years of age. I will be 30, I have two kids, I have a butt... I need something that covers.

If I could do it again, picking a Target dress, I would consider these:

One-Shoulder Rosette Chiffon Dress in Cement Gray

Ruffle Neck Shantung Dress in Bayou Teal

One Shoulder Shantung Dress in Black
See how I picked the dresses with some sort of sleeves? Not sure I would trust many of the dresses in the chest area if you, well, have any chest...

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