Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Days of Love via The Dating Divas

I went to my Grandma's this morning, as we do every Tuesday, and the ladies and I were chatting about a new dollar store in town.

Yes, this is exciting. There are few things in life that make me as happy as a dollar store. My Auntie was sharing her new dollar store adventure from earlier in the week. I was just drooling at her describing each row and its contents! I totally believe her when she says, "it has everything you could hope for!".

My Grandma, hearing this new dollar store has everything, was sure to tell my Aunt to pick her up a 7 day pill box next time she went.

Since Valentine's Day is approaching, and I already have my card for Pete ordered, I was searching for some cute and inexpensive ways to celebrate the holiday. How appropriate should I find this cute tutorial for creating Seven Days of Love by The Dating Divas.

Photo Credit // The Dating Diva's

All you need is a dollar store pill box and their free printable Seven Days of Love .pdf file. I think it is the cutest idea! Thanks, Dating Divas!


  1. Oh I love dollar stores too! We don't really call them that in Aus though, we mostly call them 'cheapo' stores. I just love exploring all the little treasures you can find. I love the idea of the 7 days of love too, that's the sweetest thing!

  2. I'm guessing that your aunt at the dollar store was not my mom. :)

    Did my mom tell you what I'm doing, since I require her to inform you of my life during busy season?

    1. No! Please tell me it is dripping with romance :)

  3. Oh, and if we were talking about Walgreens, that would be your Mom! She loves it there!


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