Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, Free Pattern from The Single Mom(oirs) & V-Day Memories

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you! I was clicking through my reading list this afternoon and found the cutest heart Photoshop pattern from Kendra at The Single Mom(oirs)!

Photo Credit // The Single Mom(oirs)

The pattern is perfect for making last minute cards or crafts at home!

I know Valentine's day is a made up holiday.  I am sure half the people in the world either hate the holiday or don't want anything to do with it. There is so much talk about how commercialized Valentine's day has become and it is a seemingly money-maker holiday.

However, Valentine's day was always a special day in my house growing up. We had dinner as a family. We often got sweet gifts that were sentimental. I remember getting little puppy figurines, another year a jewelry box, or candy I liked.

We even put my first dog, Eddy, to sleep on Valentine's day one year. Sniff. It might seem silly, but we all loved that dog so much and my parents knew we would all be together that day. I still remember sitting on the couch in the living room with my sister, crying. I remember seeing his bed under the window and Eddy not being there. I still think of him every Valentine's day.

One year on Valentine's day, my Dad picked each of us kids out a CD of a band he thought we would like or appreciate. My brother, sister and I grew up listening to Sesame Street and classic rock. I have always been thankful to my Dad for exposing us to some amazing bands like ELO, Queen, Alan Parsons Project, among others. Some evenings you could find all us kids laying on the basement floor, with the lights turned off, as my Dad played 'The Whale" by ELO. Or on a Saturday afternoon, we would be running around the basement while he blared Queen's 'Bicycle' track.

My Dad bought me Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon album on Valentine's day and, I swear, it changed music for me, forever.

These are some of the memories I attribute to why I love my family so much. I love Valentine's day because it is another reminder of how important it is to love one another. Even if we have to buy a expensive card or overpriced flowers to remind someone else how much we love them.

Our Valentine's cards this year.

I had three cards waiting for me this morning from each one of my men. Pete wrote a special note in each one to remind me how loved I am or what a good Mom I am. David opened cards from his great-grandparents this morning and we made a big fuss over putting the $2 bills in his 'puppy bank'. We went to the meat market by my house and I let David pick out his own flower for his great-grandma. He paraded that sweet flower throughout the whole store, knowing it was for her.

My boys are so little but we are already creating sweet memories and moments that will carry us through our life as a happy family. I hope my kids can realize, as I have realized, just how much family can love you.

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