Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Little Look Into Why We're Wiped and Happy as Heck

Good morning, babies! It is 8:15. Thank you for letting Mom sleep in!

David and James wake up and I listen for a moment to James giggling at David's mock screaming (a new phase he is in... not my favorite phase.).

"Daddy? Daddddeeeeeee?!?!?"

I quickly bolt into the kitchen and start James' bottle. Did you think I get up before my kids? Haha! You're funny! While it heats up, I pour David's milk and scoop some dry cereal into a bowl. I turn the TV to Sprout and put David's morning snack on our "little table" in the living room. This tides David over while I feed James.

I also make a 4 cup pot of coffee (unless I pre-made and set the timer on a 8 cup pot for Pete and I the night before. Which I didn't. Bad wife.) and pre-pour my creamer into my pre-set cup. Mornings are all about multi-tasking and I have the first hour of waking down to a multi-tasked science.

When I head into the boys' room. I see David freaking because he can hear the garbage truck down the street. Yep. Day two of three (yes, three) garbage days. I pick up David first and change his diaper and head to the window to see the garbage truck drive by. This will be the first of 4 drive-bys this morning...

At this point, James is getting a little antsy to get out of his crib, too. I scoop him up with smooches and head into the living room for his morning bottle. I have learned it is not worth hearing upset diaper change crying. I just give him his bottle first thing.

Maybe not to the outsider, but to me, the mornings are so LOUD in my house. I think there are just so many things going on at once with two kids that it might just seem loud. I stand up and sit down about 100 times before everyone is dressed. I never feel guilty about the "Mom is having her coffee, David." moment because I deserve it by the time I get to drink it!

Another garbage truck drives by and distracts my little man. Ahhh, 3 sips of coffee and my sanity returns.

Once James has his bottle and diaper change, I baby proof the house by closing the doors upstairs, setting up the baby gate, and doing a quick floor check for crumbs/papers/specs - anything James can put in his mouth. Which is everything. My favorite part of the mornings are looking over and trying to figure out if James has something rolling around in his mouth or he is just toying with me. I am so ready to be over the what-is-this-I-don't-know-I-guess-I'll-just-eat-it phase. Yesterday, James had his 9-month check-up where he had his finger pricked. A half hour later, I was fishing the darn band-aid out of his mouth. Bad Mom moment.

My real favorite part of the morning is making breakfast! On the menu today? "Chocolate" toast (Nutella) and scrambled eggs with bacon (bits). James ate baby oatmeal and apples.

I try to pick up as I cook but it is hard. I have to keep one eye on James and the other eye half on David and half on egg cooking. Thankfully, I know my 2 year old and can usually predict evil scheming in advance. Today, he was in a great mood. Thanks to...

another garbage truck driving by...

After breakfast, I pick up a bit and we play. James really enjoyed putting the coins into the Learning Piggy Bank and David took down a photo album and asked who everyone was - about a million times! I change the boys' clothes. James gets to wear a blue and red button down one-piece and David his sleeveless tee and Gap shorts.

And the last of the garbage trucks make their stop. When James was still nursing I had to teach David to get the footstool by himself, from his room, and prop it under his window to peek at the garbage trucks. David still loves to make a fuss to get the footstool!

At this point, we have been up two hours and James is starting to fuss a little. I change his diaper and set him down for his morning nap. Almost every morning, David and I go outside and play together while James naps. I love this time with David. It is the one part of the day where we get each other all to ourselves (don't worry, James gets this time with Mom, too.) It reminds me of old times. You would think I would still feel the high demand of motherhood but it is really relaxing when there is only one of two kids awake! Today, we played Let's Go Fishing on the deck. I treated myself to more coffee and we listened to iHeart Radio on my phone.

After a bit, I take David inside and he is allowed to sit in the "Mama chair" and watch garbage videos while I take a shower. He drinks some milk and has an orange, too.

This is what I consider "our morning". It is a few hours of chaos mixed with a lot of love, patience, playing, and learning. I love my kids and am so blessed to have this time with them! I am sure I will look back on these days as some of the best days of my life. I try my hardest to appreciate these moments when my kids turn to me for everything they need. Someday, sooner than I think, they will be more independent and I will wish for the days when we were at home together.


  1. Thanks for sharing your morning with us! It is so fun to hear how other moms spend their days.

  2. Hi MaryBeth! Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know I gave you a shout out with a Leibster Award over at Messy Jess C. today ( Enjoy and keep up the great blogging!


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