Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh, Sweet Vanity

Jackie Dixon's sweet shots inspired me to write my first comeback post after a few weeks of blog hiatus.

I suppose I should be done complaining (I don't consider myself a huge complainer, per say, but I am sure my knit circle would have to verify this for me...) about post-baby body woes now James is 11 months old.

However, please dear Lord, will someone tell me how to fix this terrible mop on the top of my head.

The mop that is supposed to be hair, but it is not. It is a crazy, too long and too short, over grown and under grown mess. I'll call it mother-of-two bed hair mixed with I give up so I'll just attempt a top knot.

Even the top knot looks stupid.

What happens to a woman's hair after they have a baby is one of those subjects no one warns you about before you have a baby. Granted, none of these warnings would have stopped me from having my kids, but the day half of my hair came out in the shower, I was a little shocked. There are so many other crazy off-balance body woes going on that the hair on my head was the least of my worries.

Until, I am still worrying about it a year later. Oh, sweet vanity. When James was about 4 months old, all that gorgeous hair that stayed in my head fell out. Great. That is attractive. Let's vacuum a little more often, shall we?

Well, it is still growing in funny. I have those baby hairs all around my forehead and the nape of my neck. It is like my hair is long but I have a pixie cut that surrounds my entire face. Sigh...

Enough complaining already. If I could have the most perfect hair, I would love to have the gorgeous locks of this model photographed by Jackie Dixon.

Photo Credit // Jackie Dixon Photography

Photo Credit // Jackie Dixon Photography

Photo Credit // Jackie Dixon Photography

Solution? I am growing out my hair and maybe adding a few bronzy streaks here and there someday. Now, if I could get out of the house alone and make my priority the salon...

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