Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What a Foxy Fridge We Have

I opened my fridge this afternoon to find some lunch for David and I, and when I opened the door, it was as if the angels started singing and sun beams shot out from behind our 2% milk. I don't remember stocking to such perfection but somewhere between Sunday and today, we may have achieved the foxiest fridge I have ever had the pleasure of eating from.

I grocery shop at three different stores to feed David, myself, and Pete (well, James too but he is still on rice cereal and baby food). I also listed my little family in order of feeding importance when it comes to what I chose or chose not to buy. David, number one, is on the top of my list for foods I buy because if I start buying David the right things to eat - the good seems to trickle down to us. I don't want my 2 year old to eat junk. So, I try not to buy it and if I do - it is in moderation (or a little bribe to be good in the store....).

I shop at Aldi for most produce, Target for most dry goods and frozen items, and Bob's Produce for meat. Sometimes, I just make one big trip to Cub but the shopping trip exhausts me. I am too uptight about my coupon use, that when I shop at Cub, I end up getting really tired and frustrated trying to find the best price amongst the rows and rows of whatever I need.

Aldi is great because I know my prices. I know how much to spend on a certain item, what the item is priced at other stores, and Aldi doesn't accept coupons (as most of their items are off brand anyway) so I don't have to worry about watching 2 kids and sort through my coupon book at the same time. Aldi beats most prices without coupons most of time. For example, Aldi this week had limes for $.11 cents. ELEVEN CENTS (I had to type the numbers out in all caps to demonstrate my excitement about this - not to mention, I get excited about cheap limes...). Limes are about $.33 at Cub and at Bob's 2/$1. FIFTY CENTS?? For ONE lousy lime? Yeah, right!

Target is great because I can get pretty good deals with coupons and generally, they are cheaper that Cub. Plus, I can get whatever else I need for the kids and house at the same time. I often have meat at home but need a "go with". So, we run to Target pick up toilet paper and pasta. One example of a good Target deal is, I got Market Pantry (the Target brand) bagged frozen vegetables last week. They were on sale for $1 a bag and I had a Target coupon for $1 off 4 bags. $.75 for a bag of frozen vegetables is a great deal to me. First, we go through frozen vegetables like no ones business, so stocking up on 4 bags is no big deal. Second, I throw veggies in everything. I try my best to hide them from David - and Pete, too. They really don't put up to big a fight about a scoop or two on the side, either.

I have been raised to appreciate Bob's Produce as the mecca of meat stores. They have quality meats with decent meat sales. Most of our dinners consist of a Bob's whatever-is-on-sale protein like grilled chicken (great to stock up on sale at $1.99/lb), steaks (on sale $7.99-$9.99/lb) or baked pork shops ($2.99/lb). These meats are always better than Cub or Target meats. They may have a less favorable cut from time to time, like an extra fatty steak, but I consistently go back once a week or more. Plus, I love their baked pies, potato salad, and I love telling David we are going to Bob's where he picks out his own apple.

So, after all this explaining behind my grocery shopping trips - what is exactly in my fridge right now that makes it so foxy?

2% Milk
Electrolyte enhanced water
V8 Splash
Bloody Mary Mix

Canned Peaches

Sweet onion
Red onion
Red potatoes
Garlic cloves
Roma tomatoes

Cottage Cheese
Colby Jack Slices Cheese
Mexican style shredded cheese

Chicken breast
Lean ground beef
Lean ground turkey
Turkey bacon
Bacon pieces
Cheddar brats

Whole grain brown rice
Oat wheat bread
Wheat hot dog buns
White tortillas
Pie Crust

Apple Sauce
Pickle slices
Vanilla pudding

I mean, seriously! I can make anything and it would be so delicious AND good for us!

To close my foxy fridge post, I stumbled upon a pretty interesting and inspiring blog by Catherine at Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth.

Photo Credit // Food For My Bunny Teeth

Catherine outlines her own Rabbit Food Pyramid as well as posts her own recipes and ideas for eating and acting healthy. While she began her journey trying to eat better to lose weight, she is now trying to maintain her own health and happiness by eating the right foods to feel good. Just like me!

Check Catherine out and tell me, how foxy is your fridge?


  1. My fridge is looking pretty okay right now. We recently had friends over and they were amazed by how much produce we had - they asked, "Do you eat ALL of that?!" Yep, we do!

    I agree and I have to give it up for Aldi and their amazing produce section. It's one of the reasons we eat so well!

  2. My mouth started watering at your selection of fresh berries. YUM!!! Well done, sister!

    I also mix up my grocery shopping destinations based on quality and price. Rainbow for bulk/dry, Trader Joe's or Byerly's for produce, Target for the "I'm here buying soap and I really need some apples" moments.

  3. p.s. Friendly message from your roma tomatoes -- they're sooooo much better stored at room temp. Trust me on this. Okay, off my soap (tomato) box now.


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