Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How Pinterest Has Ruined My Life

A shout out to Kristina's post at Toddler Approved, for inspiring my blog post today!

I will get in the car without having to pack it first.
I will enjoy getting dressed.
I can be a super cook.
My husband will come up the steps from work without the look of fear on his face.
I have the cutest front yard on the block.
I will run farther than I ever thought possible.
I will have time for coffee out, a play date, shopping, time at the park, quiet dinner at home and sweet bath time.

But for now...
It takes us 2 hours to get out of the house.
Trying to look normal only makes me feel worse.
I have a 30 minute window to slop something for dinner.
My husband comes home and has to ask how my day was, before kissing me hello.
I have two hanging plants that are almost dead.
Getting a work-out in means I have to sacrifice something else in my day to complete it.
There isn't a diaper bag big enough to pack for a perfect afternoon out.

I am happy because...
I can take my kids anywhere - and we have the best time together.
I can fit into smaller jeans than when I was married - and I have had two kids.
I cook dinner - and I love it.
My husband always kisses me hello - and he really missed me.
My plants are gifts from my children - and my front yard looks better than my neighbors, at least.
I can run - and I don't die.
I thrive in chaos - our life wouldn't be as fun without it.

No, Pinterest hasn't ruined my life. However, I just came out of a small rut where I thought my life had to be Pinterest to be good/interesting/beautiful/creative/fashionable/educational/delicious/inspiring..... I could go on and on and on.

I can't think it is entirely healthy for me too look at living rooms from $2 million dollar houses, and feel like I need to somehow compete with that. I like my little barren, miss matched, kid consumed living room. It suits us. However, I have spent wayyyyyy to much time researching chevron printed pillows in order to satisfy some kind of designer home urge.

Photo Credit // Joss and Main

The same goes for food. Sometimes, I just pan fry the damn pork chops. I don't make a marinade. I don't serve it with an appetizer or flashy salad. I throw some frozen corn in the microwave and I call it good. Am I doing my family a disservice? No way! Have I used my time wisely as a stay-at home-Mom? Hell, yes! My son had protein and vegetables for dinner AND I got to spend an extra 25 minutes playing in the yard.

Another thing, I may not have Gap kids, but I have the cutest kids on the planet! I may have accidentally missed James' 3 month picture. My bad. However, I have taken thousands of pictures of him while looking into is sweet face on the living room floor since he has been born. I may not set him up in color coordinated, outdoor, professional photographer photo shoots, but I can take a mean shot of him eating green peas in his high chair!

I think sometimes, with too much consideration to how my days are spent, I often have to remind myself to look at the positive in every situation. I may not have the "best of everything" in a Pinterest sort of way, but I HAVE THE BEST OF EVERYTHING in my life!

Kristina wrote:
When I am trying to be super mom, I do too much, am overly stressed, neglect what is most important, am never really present, and only appear to "have it together" on the surface, when really pretty much everything else is falling apart. Instead of aspiring to be Super Mom, I want to be more intentional about "trying to be a good mom."

I am going to try my hardest  to keep a healthy outlook on how it is ok to live by my own standards, because in the middle lies all the amazing experiences to be made. These experiences are for me and my family and can't be discovered or created by anyone else but us!

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  1. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing with me :) I love all of your great words of wisdom in this. Sounds like you are an awesome mom!


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