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The Easy Mom Way to Cloth Diaper

This post is written for the mom or dad, who want the basics of cloth diapering and who want a list of what to buy when starting out. No bells and whistles. Imagine creating a gift registry for yourself to satisfy the needs of your cloth diapered baby in a few months.

I don't consider myself to be a lazy mom. In fact, in my old age of 31, the act of being lazy makes me a little uncomfortable. However, I do need things to be easy- or at least seem easy. I want the title of this post to appeal to the mom who may be considering cloth diapering but may have been hearing over and over how "hard" it is.

Cloth diapering is not hard. In fact, in a lot of ways, it has made my life easier! Did you ever have to go on that late night diaper run because you only had one left for the morning and, God forbid, the baby wakes up at midnight with a dirty diaper?

Been there. No, thank you.

You wouldn't believe how many people ask me about cloth diapering and I find myself joyously spewing bouts of word vomit about the topic. There are so many ways to cloth diaper. No one way is the sole right way of doing it, but my way is pretty easy.

In my experience, here is what you need:

12 Small Pocket Diapers
12-18 One-Sized Diapers
5 Covers
15 Prefolds or Cotton Lined Inserts
Cloth Diaper Detergent
Diaper Sprayer
Wet Bag
Travel Wet Bag
Drying Rack

12 Small Pocket Diapers
     Suggested brand: Charlie Banana 6 Reusable Diapers 12 Inserts - Size Small
2 Sets of small Charlie Banana can get you though the first 6 months. Especially, if you buy any additional diapers that are one-sized. Some would suggest skipping size small diapers all together because once baby out grows them you can't use them anymore. In my opinion, it helped me get used to cloth diapering by using a sized diaper in the beginning.

12-18 One-Sized Diapers
     Suggested brand: Charlie Banana 2-in-1 Reusable Diapering System, 6 Diapers plus 12 Inserts, One-Size.
One sized diapers have multiple rows of snaps to adjust to fit your baby as they grow. Most one-size diapers fit babies 8-35 pounds.

5 Covers
     Suggested brand: flip Stay-Dry Day Pack - Neutral - One Size (Snap) or Econobum One Size Cloth Diapers Trial Pack (White)
Covers, with a prefold or liner laid in, can take up less room in the diaper bag and can keep you from washing everyday. They an be a little more tricky to change but are less of a fuss to fold after washing. Also, my middle child never leaked out of covers.

15 Prefolds or Cloth Lined Inserts
     Suggested brand: OsoCozy 6 Pack Prefolds Unbleached Cloth Diapers, Size 1 or Flip Insert: Stay Dry 3-Pack
Unbleached prefolds (versus bleached) show less staining. I always trifolded prefolds into covers so I go with the smallest sized prefold, like size one or newborn.

Cloth Diaper Friendly Rash Cream
     Suggested Brand: CJ's BUTTer Tub o' BUTTer - Mango Sugar and Mint
Many rash creams for baby contain ingredients that can coat your cloth diapers and make them prone to leaking.

Cloth Diaper Detergent
     Suggested brand: Rockin' Green Classic Rock REMIX Formula in Bare Naked Babies Scent 45oz
I also use cloth diaper detergent for soaking towels every few months or spot cleaning on carpet.

Diaper Sprayer
     Suggested brand: Cloth Diaper Sprayer--styles may vary
The sprayer is not a necessity but it really comes in handy with spraying diapers down and all kinds of other kid messes.

Wet Bag
     Suggested brand: Planet Wise Hanging Wet/Dry Bag - Owl - 17" x 21"
Holds 20-24 diapers. A large wet bag is easy to leave near your toilet, tucked in a corner for no one to see or smell. You can also easily dump all contents of the bag into the washer and toss the bag in as well. I also use the bag to bring clean diapers up from the laundry.

Travel Wet Bag
     Suggested brand: Skip Hop Grab & Go Wet/Dry Diaper Bag, Chevron
Holds 8-10 diapers. Good bag to keep in your diaper bag or for near your changing table for the day.

Drying Rack
    Suggested brand: Household Essentials Folding Wood Clothes Drying Rack, Pre assembled
Most cloth diaper manufacturers suggest tumble trying diapers on low or hang drying to preserve the life of your diapers.

Now you are thinking, how much is all this going to cost me? Let's do the math on the high end of things. As in, shopping directly from Amazon without any research to the best deals or sales. There are so many options out there to cloth diaper your child.

Cost to cloth diaper:
12 Small Pocket Diapers $90.80 x 2
12-18 One-Sized Diapers $119.88 x 2
5 Covers $49.99 x 2
15 Prefolds or Cotton Lined Inserts $12.99
Cloth Diaper Detergent $15.95
Diaper Sprayer $15.97
Wet Bag $29.95
Travel Wet Bag $13.00
Drying Rack $16.00
= $625.00

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. You are thinking, I thought you said this was supposed to be lazy! I thought you said this was supposed to be easy!

I agree. The list I gave you has a very high price point. Higher than even I have spent. Before we do the math on disposable diapers, I will remind you to do your homework on cloth diapers and buy when you can on sale! Also, I have cloth diapered 2 of my three children and used the same set of cloth for both.

Here is an approximate cost breakdown by age to disposable diaper one child until they are two and a half:

Cost to disposable diaper:
1 child 
0-3 months
15 diapers a day
$.20 a diaper
90 days x 15 diapers = 1350
1350 diapers x $.20= $270.00

4-8 months
10 diapers a day
$.20 a diaper
120 days x 10 diapers = 1200
1200 diapers x $.20 = $240

9-15 months
7 diapers a day
$.20 a diaper
180 days x 7 diapers = 1260
1260 diapers x $.20 = $252

15-30 months
5 diapers a day
$.20 a diaper
450 days x 5 diapers = 2250 diapers
2250 diapers x $.20 = $450

$270 + $240 + $252 + $450
= $1212.00

You can see how much money you save in the end by cloth diapering. Here are a few websites to learn more about cloth diapering and for purchasing:

Shop local and online:
All Things Diapers located in Blaine, Minnesota
Pea Pods located in St. Paul, Minnesota

Shop online:
Cotton Babies
Kelly's Closet

I would love to hear your comments about cloth diapering basics or any other items you think are necessary to cloth diapering!

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