Friday, January 17, 2014

25 Distractions for the Treadmill

Sometimes, the phrase "Summer bodies are made in the Winter" replays over and over in my head. Why, oh, why does the Winter here in Minnesota have to be so bad sometimes?

My running adventures, since having baby #3 in July, continued 6 weeks post-partum. I started slowly, one mile at a time, and was happy with my progress before the first snow fell.

I have too many kids depending on me to risk a running injury. While not all injuries can be prevented, running on ice in the dark made the probability of an injury - a near certainty.

My husband and I decided a gym membership was the safest way for me to get my exercise. I really miss the soul cleansing outdoor runs, but I am just happy I can get out after 9 months of longing for a run.

The treadmill has been taking some getting used to. It's easier and it's harder. I definitely like running outside more, and like I said earlier, the outdoors has a way of cleaning out the cobwebs in my head.

I get a good 3 miles into my treadmill runs and my mind just can't take any more. I have run four miles - once. Even if my body feels great, I seem to just give up out of shear boredom. I know I need to decided to run 4 from now on, but I really need some distractions to get that to happen, I think.

After a little searching, I thought I would share 25 treadmill distractions with you. I am sure we are all in need of a little distracting this time of Winter. How many days till Spring?
1. Create a New Playlist
Keep your anticipated treadmill workout in mind and pick as many new or inspiring songs for as long as you want to run. 

2. Do the Math
Count how many people are exiting or entering the gym. Or, count how many treadmills are going, how many people are shooting hoops or how many pieces of machinery you see. Kill more time by adding or subtracting these observations.

3. Try Out New Gear
Maybe you have been longing for a new pair of ear buds or have a pair of Nike shorts you have wanted to break out. The treadmill can feel new with a change of workout duds.

4. Hydrate
Plan out a water sip every few minutes.

5. Watch the Clock
Cover your treadmill projections and loosely anticipate you run time according to the gym clock. 

6. Try Some Printable Work Outs
Online running magazines and bloggers, like Fit Fab Cities, offer countless amounts of resources for changing up your treadmill and work out routine.

7. Race your neighbor
Imagine your treadmill neighbor is running the same race as you. Who's going to finish first?

8. Intervals (source: Runner's World)
Try a 10-minute warmup, 20 minutes of random intervals, and a 10-minute cooldown.

9. Speed Intervals (source: Runner's World)
 Try 3 x 3 minutes at about 10 seconds faster per mile than 5-K pace. Give yourself two minutes of easy jogging in between.

10. Sitcom Tempo Run (source: Runner's World)
Start with a 10-minute warmup, and move up to your tempo pace. Jog during the commercials, and resume the faster pace when the show comes back on. Cool down for five minutes.

11. Take a Class Following Your Run
Make plans to further your workout after your run. Get to the gym with enough time to squeeze your daily mileage in before you need to go on to the next workout.

12. Bring a Buddy
Unplug and talk about your day with a treadmill running partner.

13. Watch the Tube
Pick a treadmill with a TV tuned to a channel you don't usually watch.

14. Count Steps Per Breath
Immerse  yourself in your run.

15. Change Up Your Running Style (source: Fit Sugar)
Try high knees, running sideways or walking lunges. 

16. Take a Break
Feeling a little burnt out? Swap your usual treadmill routine with an outdoor run, class, or weights. Revisit your treadmill workouts feeling refreshed.

17. Bring Some Entertainment
Save a magazine you have been wanting to browse for the treadmill.

18. Find Some Inspiration
Bring a note or picture to inspire your run.

19. Cover the Display
Allow yourself to run by how you feel instead of what your treadmill reads.

20. Go for Negative Splits
Track each mile you are running and improve the following mile pace by 10 seconds.

21. Set Goals
Inspire your treadmill runs by always trying to achieve a goal for that day. Let each day bring you a new goal.

22. Incline (source: Runner's World)
Do faster workouts with no incline as well as slower-paced workouts with an incline. The slower uphill workouts build strength, while the faster flat workouts help you develop stamina, endurance, and quick footwork. 

23. Sign Up for a Race
Take the plunge and sign up for an outdoor race. Pick a training plan to accommodate your distance and countdown to race day.

24. Don't Compare
Remind yourself that running is fun! Run on the treadmill and remind yourself you choose to be there for the betterment of you. Don't worry about what others are doing.

25. Use a Running App (source: Her Campus)
While I keep track of runs with RunKeeper, choose to  link to your social media accounts so people can send you cheers along your run!

Anything else you can add to this list? Happy running!

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  1. Math is how I, not surprisingly, get through it! I do tons of iterations of how fast I'm running, how long it would take to run X miles, etc.


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