Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Master Bedroom Update Plan

With day two of the New Year in full swing, I decided to make a plan for one of the first big house fix-ups: The Master Bedroom!

I have decided to start with the master bedroom because I bought the curtains a few months ago. They are currently collecting dust on the bottom of my closet. Since I have a key piece of the new room already set to go, I figure it is a great place to start. Here is a board I created using some of the ideas I want to implement in our new bedroom:

1. West Elm Fall Blooms Duvet ($70)
I am completely obsessed with West Elm bedding. Ok, I am pretty much obsessed with everything West Elm. Their products and design aesthetic seem so effortless. I really like the Fall Blooms duvet because of the little pops of purple. See here a few color palettes, via Design Seeds, I am thinking for the room:


2. DIY - Ballard Designs Bench
The foot of bed is the perfect place for a small bench in our bedroom. It would keep our comforter from always draping the floor when we sleep (I have tripped over it 12398019823 times with the midnight trips checking on the kids!). Since I dress in our bedroom, it would be a nice place to put tights on or buckle shoes, as well.

3. Song of Style's Organized Closet
In addition to a closet makeover, I am in desperate need of new closet doors! The screws keep coming loose on our current and they are worn and dated looking.

4. Nautical Strip Wall Paper ($150)
Depending on how busy looking our new duvet cover and curtains are in our new bedroom, I am considering painting a horizontal strip pattern on the wall behind the bed or buying some striped wallpaper.

5. IKEA Ferle Pair of Curtains ($15)
As I said earlier, I have already purchased these curtains, as well as all the hardware for them. We currently have a floor length slatted blind, that matches the wall paper none-the-;ess, like these. The blinds are awful. Depending on how much light comes through the curtains, we may have to install a roller blind as well. I also really like the look of tie-backs for that "swooped" curtain effect!

6. Installing Solid Hardwood Flooring
This is just a big hope for our master bedroom project. Hopefully, at the very least we will get new carpeting. The current carpeting is in decent shape but it is off-white and shows every single spec. Even when I vacuum I find gray dust streaks semi-staining the carpet. It drives me crazy. I would love a classy clean, hardwood floor. I am just not sure if it is in the budget this year!

7. Couristan Bayview Margate Area Rug ($279)
If we decided to do a hard floor, I would love a earthy, large area rug for under the bed like this one.

8. Mirrors Over Nightstand
I love the idea of increasing the look of the size of the room by adding mirrors. We already have a large mirror over the dresser but there is an awkward empty space over our nightstands that would look great with a mirror like these! I am sure I could find a nice pair at Home Goods or Marshall's.

Well, there it is. The first step now is purchasing a wallpaper remover! We have enough wallpaper left in the house to invest in one.

I hope to accomplish a sweet, comfortable, man-friendly master bedroom that I am proud to leave the door open for when people come over! What are some home projects on your list this year?


  1. Fun list! I LOVE the nautical wallpaper and may do it too. Not sure which room, but since our entire house is grey at the moment, any room will do. Can't wait to see what you come up with and LOVE the new look on the blog.

  2. Thanks, Jes! I might not ever leave my bedroom, again!


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