Thursday, January 17, 2013

D and J: Letters and Brothers

D & J testing out their play mat.
Today was one of those days where I just sat, staring at my kids, asking myself when they got so big. I am such a wuss when it comes to this 5 degree Minnesota weather. I have been taking the Christmas toys out, one-by-one to occupy our long days at home.

This morning, David and I pieced together a foam letter play mat he received from Christmas last year. James enjoyed taking all the pieces and running into their bedroom. David is surprisingly patient when it comes to his little brother messing with his toys. Sometimes, almost too patient. James has learned he can take David's things and then run from him. James loves the chase.

Some days, David might retaliate with a bop on James' head or a little shove. Generally, David is a helping and caring brother and he looks out for James more than he finds ways to be separate from him. I don't think this is a characteristic in David that was completely learned. I think David's maternal attitude towards James is part of his human nature. I honestly think he was born with it. It definitely helps I try to be a patient mom. I think David can remain calm, because I can remain calm.

I think David will always look out for his little brother, James. I also have a sneaking suspicion James will always get joy out of finding little ways to drive his older brother crazy. I like that about James. I appreciate his restlessness and the way he seems to plot out little tortures for the rest of us living in this house.

The boys are definitely different. It is so amazing just how different they are.

David and James are playing with a foam letter play mat similar to the Edushape Edu-Tiles 36 Piece 6x6ft Play Mat, Letters & Numbers Set on Amazon. The set can also be put together as blocks. David has loved letters his whole life. He could recognize and say every letter by its name by 18 months. He knew the phonics of every letter by 22 months. He could write every letter at 2.5 years and soon after learned the entire alphabet in sign language. Letters are his thing!

I highly recommend toddlers get some sort of play letters by one year old. We loved the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Letters & Numbers in a Box Bundle. David played with this set for hours on the fridge, metal pans, and by dumping the letters in and out of his garbage trucks.

M & D Letters and Numbers Box Bundle

Do your kids have a "thing" they have really gotten into like David's letters? Do you find your oldest has a maternal attitude towards their younger siblings?


  1. My oldest was, and is, very very maternal. She, Jenelle, was a little young when her brother came along a year later, but by the time her little sis came along, Jenelle was the little mother. She remained that way growing up. Always carrying around her younger cousins and, intuitively, knowing what each little one wanted from her. Maternal is a very good word for how David acts with James. Paternal would be the boy/man word..but I wonder if that fits as well...

    1. I suppose paternal is the better use of the word for David, huh? Your lovey, Jenelle, has graced every baby's life she has ever met. I have never met anyone as maternal as she, with a love for every youngster she can get her hands on! While I have been so blessed to have her as "Auntie Zsa" to my kids, I cannot wait for the day when her own kids get to meet her. Truly a wonderful soul.


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