Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photo Treat Bags for a Milestone Birthday Party

James' 1st birthday party is only a few short weeks away. I was looking through some old 8x10's I had printed a few months ago, when I found some wallet cut-out printer paper from my Aunt! I thought it would be so cute to print the wallets and attach them to the treat bags I was planning for the party as a "thank you" for coming!

I love reciving photos, especially of my friends and families kids on milestone birthdays. I thought my treat bags would be a great way to say "thank you" and also get James' picture out to my guests!

Treat Bags
Wallet Sized Photos
Hole Punch


You can really do this project on the cheap. I got the treat bags at the thrift store for $.49 for 20. I got the photo paper from my Aunt but you could easily print photos on regular paper or card stock, or get them printed at Walgreens right now for $.60 for 4. I had leftover yarn in my craft box, but you could tie the bag with ribbon, hemp, or any other string you have on hand. Even those twisty ties from garbage bags would work (I never use those at my house, do you??).

On my to-buy craft list is a cute shaped hole punch, but I just went with a regular 3 punch. I thought a little leaf shape or heart would have been cute.

The most expensive part of the treat bags is the candy! How can I not have a Halloween-ish themed birthday party without Halloween candy? My Mom has advised me to pay $.20 or less per ounce of candy. I hope to get some chocolate fun sized candies with shiny wrappers to really make the treat bags look nice!

I haven't quite decided where I will put my little favors. Maybe in my entryway so my party guests can take one as they leave. Jessica, at Live the Fancy Life, likes to use Ikea standing frames to adorn and guide party guests to different parts of her party:

Photo Credit // Live the Fancy Life
A few weeks ago I picked up the same frames in orange and will print out a "thank you for coming" or "please take one" next to my treat bags!
Photo Credit // Ikea

How do you say "thank you" to your guests when they come to your party?

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  1. I absolutely adore the Real Men Eat Cupcakes sign. Do you offer that as a printable? Thanks!


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