Sunday, May 20, 2012

The High's of My Day as a Mom, Wife and Daughter: Part 1

Beginning to end - roughly:
  1. James got up to eat at 5:30 am BUT both boys then slept-in until 8:30 am.
  2. I slept great all night.
  3. I slept so great, in fact, I got up first to pick up the boys - I love their happy, hungry little faces in the morning.
  4. David asked me to change his diaper - potty training much?
  5. I made David's breakfast, made coffee, changed a load of laundry and handed Pete and pop-tart - with a smile (really!).
  6. Pete brought me my coffee (with the perfect amount of carmel creamer) - in bed.
  7. We got ready for church with little fuss and minimal snide comments exchanged between Pete and I.
  8. I liked my outfit for the day.
  9. Both boys were amazing in church.
  10. I got to sit next to my own Mom.
  11. I had an amazing homemade cookie from my Grandma. I would have had more. Damn, I wish I ate more of them!
  12. Pete got to do whatever he wanted, kid free, for a few hours. Happiness is: when my husband is happy (really!).
  13. Talking to my Dad about working in New Orleans after Katrina.
  14. David POTP.
  15. Coming home to a picked up house. Thank you, super-husband.
  16. David's face when he sees my husband's parents. Grandparents move my kids like no others.
  17. James getting a bottle from his Great-Grandma.
  18. Seeing my in-laws faces when they see David and James. Grandkids move them like no others.
  19. The way David eats pretzels out of the bag and then shares them with everyone in the room.
  20. The way James smiles and I swear he sees secrets in you.
  21. Diet coke.
  22. The great feeling I get when all the dirty laundry is clean.
  23. Not cooking supper.
  24. Changing diapers with my mother-in-law. Like we get special time no one else knows about - and we do.
  25. Telling my in-laws I am so happy they came over - and I mean it (really!).
  26. Nursing James till he falls asleep and then I take the time to let him sleep over my shoulder for a few minutes.
  27. Cuddling, jammie time with David on the "Mama Chair" before bed.
  28. The way David waddles into the kitchen with his blanket like a cape saying, "Goodnight, Daddy."
  29. Wine.
  30. Real Housewives of New Jersey.
  31. The usual after 10 pm phone conversation with my Mom.
Today was a really great day (really!).


  1. MB...I feel like I lived your day with you! LOVE this post!

  2. I'm not a parent yet, and you read so many negative things sometimes about parenthood, it's so refreshing to read something like this about a parent having a GOOD day. Thanks for sharing it!

    1. i feel to stay even remotely sane i have to keep positive, calm & patient - as much as i can!

  3. that sounds fabulous! i'm glad you had a great day. you deserve it!

  4. That's sweet! I'm glad you had a good day.


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