Thursday, May 24, 2012

Current Music Obsession - Cults

I am currently informally training for an undecided __k this summer. Commit much? What does this mean exactly? I would love to do a 15k, will probably do a 10k, but most likely, I will do a 5k. Right now I am just trying to get a good 3 miles in 3-4 times per week. I hope to build the miles up from there and once I have a solid routine, I can increase my pace.

It helps me get out on the road when I have some good music to look forward to. When I was listening to the radio the other month I happened to hear "Go Outside" by Cults. David was in the backseat and said, "See, again?". I Googled the song later and told Pete I was sort of into this song I heard on the radio.

Pete already knew the whole song. I was like, what the hell? All you listed to is KFAN... Well, here the same song plays on his PS3 baseball game (yeah, I don't know the name, don't care, it is his thing! Ha!) and Cults isn't really his thing. So, I decided I would like them even more.

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Last night, with storms brewing in MN, Pete and I sat and had a beer (or two) in our camp chairs in the garage. We just jammed out to all sorts of music. Music we are getting into, music from our past, music that was perfect for a rainy night in the garage. Cults was on my playlist.

For a while, I found myself jogging along to Muse, Beck & Scissor Sisters. However, my early evening runs are my escape from the hectic day at home with the boys. I found myself feeling panic and anxiety when I was running. It was almost like I was getting claustrophobic with my ear buds in.

So, with little tweaking of my tunes to a more light hearted genre, I have found my jogs so much more enjoyable. What's on your playlist?

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  1. I love Cults! I've yet to even complete a 5K so that is my goal for this summer. I walked/ran a 5K last year, but this year I want to run the entire time.


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