Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's in Your Diaper Bag?

I treated myself to a little splurge a few days ago at GILT. I probably visit the site every week and have never broken down and bought anything. Until now... The Skip Hop Duo diaper bag in willow dot.

Photo Credit // Skip Hop
Photo Credit // Skip Hop

Photo Credit // Skip Hop

You can find this item at under Baby& Kids>Baby Boutique>Gear

It has been a little chaotic packing my diaper bag for two children. Especially, with the youngest in cloth diapers which take up the most room. Unlike my husband who, gasp, goes places with David without a diaper bag, I need to be fully prepared for any situation if I go anywhere.

Granted, David really doesn't need much anymore. Soon, we will be rolling into potty training week and he will need even less.

My diaper bag contains the following items on a regular day:
FYI David is 23 months & James is 3 months. (D=David, J=James, M=Mom)

J- 3 cloth diapers (I like Charlie Banana for day trips) & 3 disposable
J - Burt's Baby Bee Diaper Ointment
J - Burp cloth
J - Receiving blanket
J - Changing mat
J - Extra outfit
J - Comb
D - 3 disposable diapers
D - Snack
D - Sippy Cup
D - Crayons
D - Palmer's Lil' Face Butter
D - Petroleum Jelly
M - Wallet
M - Coupon Book
M - Keys
M - Phone
M - Hand sanitizer
M - Travel Kleenex pack
M - Mini-makeup bag (chap stick, concealer ect.)
M - Travel baby wipes case
M - Nursing Cover

This list doesn't even included hat, mittens, coat, boots.

I have done a lot of researching and I have found the Skip Hop to be highly rated for Mom's on the go. It has convenient clips that attach to the stroller for out & about trips. This will come in handy for me as I get knots in my shoulders from carrying my diaper bag cross body. Don't think I am a wuss...I just have a lot to carry.

What's in your diaper bag?

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