Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pay it Forward: Scenic Glory

Thank to to Lindsay from Scenic Glory who has my Photobooth Film Strip up on her site. This is a woman who has more than 450 followers and she took the time to e-mail me multiple times to get my photos up! This also included a link to my site! How sweet is that?

Lindsay is a illustrator on her way to opening her own online print shop. Her whimsical blog features many of these illustrations as well as her super cute sense of style. I can almost see her sweet illustrations in her daily wear.

She also pays it forward by featuring other blogs in posts categorized as 'In Her Shoes'. Lindsay definitely reaches out to other bloggers, artists and fashionistas through her blog. A big reason I would think she is so popular!

Thank you Lindsay!


  1. oh my have absolutely made my day! my sunday has been consumed with so many different things...helping parents move,designing wedding albums and multiple blog designs, all of which are coming up on their deadlines. just when i thought i would have a mini meltdown i saw your tweet leading to this sweet post and you helped me pull it all together.

    your sweet words helped me to remember how lucky i have been on this blogging journey and why i do what i do every single day. thank you again for paying it forward...i could never express enough how much it means to me. it's people like you that keep me moving's people like you that help me reach my dreams! much love xo lindsay

  2. thanks so much for stopping by love. appreciate the support. i'm following, I hope you'll follow back. xoxo

  3. lindsay sounds fantastic. going to see her blog now. you have a great blog! x

  4. I'm heading over there right now. She has great style and sounds like a great person too!

  5. very cool! i love the photo booth pictures on the sidebar of her blog.

  6. i have the pleasure of working with this beauty! and let me tell you...she's more than fabulous:) xo to you and your cute blog!

  7. that is awesome! such cute pics, too!


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