Friday, March 11, 2011


Tomorrow is David's first Birthday party! Someone busted into the cupcake box a day early...

I am so excited and have planned so hard to make David's party perfect. After inviting 143 people we are expecting a comfortable 62. I have the most amazing Mom with the most amazing set of party planning skills. We have the best time putting these events together. I truly enjoy entertaining and having people in my home. It sounds silly but I always like to have a house that is prepared if someone was to stop over at any minute. I think maybe I am just hoping for visitors!

Anyway, a silly highlight for the party is the cupcakes! I ordered them from Sam's Club and they are affordable, cute & tasty! Here is the design I picked out (I opted for white frosting instead of green to avoid 60 people having clown face):

I also celebrated using cupcakes at my wedding. We ordered them from LindQuist Cake Shop in Columbia Heights. My family has been getting their cakes for a million years. We thought it would be something cute and different to do. My colors were ivory and antique gold so we had the cupcakes marbled with white frosting and accented with little gold leaves. Best part was the yummy filling on the inside. To die for.

Having a tea and cupcake party? I found this elegant vintage three tier cake stand by TeaJennys on Etsy. Wouldn't it make the best Sunday brunch or afternoon get together?

In closing, I will leave you with this little number that my husband and I have been singing around the house for years. Watch out though, it really can get stuck in your head in the cutest way.


  1. awww...happy birthday to david! i cannot believe i will be planning a one-year birthday soon, too. they grow up so fast! your party sounds like it will be so much fun. he will love it! what a lucky boy to have such a fun mama! have fun!

  2. So so cute!


  3. Oh I love your post, and blog :) Very cool vintage cake tier.
    Will follow your blog, and see what happens next - hope you like mine and will do the same ;O)
    Happy sunday
    A xx

  4. Haha, that last cupcake picture is like, "Ahh, sugar coma."

  5. Happy Birthday David! Cool blog! I'm into Vintage too! Check it out!


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